A Handmade Birthday Gift Wishlist

A Handmade Birthday Gift Wishlist

A Handmade Birthday Gift Wishlist

May 21, 2014 | Style | No Comments

How rad is this Birthday Cake Quilt?! £4.84 instant download from KuuKuuDesigns Quilts and upcoming birthdays – that’s all I can think about round here!

I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to be back home. For the last week and a bit I have been up in beautiful Malvern at the Quilts UK show demonstrating and sharing the love for all that is Vilene.

I even managed too finish up my beautiful hand pieced hexi quilt top…well, that is to say that if we consider “finished” to mean the main centre panel minus that edging border that still needs to be cut, stitched and added. But, I’ll take that!

I love getting out and about and meeting some amazing folks – and man, where there ever sone amazing folks out at this show! My head was packed with ideas for new quilting projects before I packed my bags and hit the road, and now it is positively at bursting point. I mean, I literally feel as though my head is going to explode.

And, then there is my inbox. Gah! I would seem that when working away from home I’m the kind of gal that books a hotel that doesn’t have internet access but does have a spa. I either have my priorities bang on target or I’m so far off the mark it’s not even true!

So, the next couple of days, I fully intend to have my head down attacking this suddenly epic To Do List to clear the decks for the Bank Holiday weekend – because no-one wants to have to work on a public holiday, am I right?!

This month is rocketing past – as it usually does when you’re busy – and while I would greatly love it to slow down just a little, it does mean that my birthday is right around the corner! I know – birthdays are the best! Because we all like to pick out some pretties for our birthdays, I thought I’d share my Handmade Birthday Gift Wishlist…

Birthday Wish List1 Faux Deer Antlers Jewellery Holder  £26.19  InfiniteLoveDesign
2 Bram Stoker Book iPhone Speaker Dock • £200 TheseOldBooks
3 Arrow Bookends  £27.42 DesignAtelierArticle
4 Moscow Mule Copper Mug  £11.55 CustomCopperMugs
5 Custom Bath Tub Caddy  £94.29 PegandAwl
6 Chalkboard Memo Skull  £17.06 • Nashpop
Make Things Happen T-Shirt  £20  Dontfeedthebears

Whether your birthday is right around the corner, or you just fancy a little treat – I’m sure that there is something there that will be catching your eye! Now, just to decide what to do to celebrate my birthday…any ideas?




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