Annie Sloan Paints: Frottage Table Make Over

Annie Sloan Paints: Frottage Table Make Over

Annie Sloan Paints: Frottage Table Make Over

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing some fun home decor projects you can create featuring Annie Sloan Chalk Paints – so why not try this striking Chalk Paint Frottage Table Makeover?

The latest inspirational furniture painting project from Annie Sloan is achieved using the Frottage technique on the table top above. Frottage is taken from the French word frotter which literally means “to rub”. Frottage was developed by the surrealist artist Max Ernst in 1925. Ernst was inspired by an ancient wooden floor where the grain of the planks had been accentuated by many years of scrubbing. The patterns of the graining suggested strange images to him. He captured these by laying sheets of paper on the floor and then rubbing over them with a soft pencil.
Annie Sloan Table 2“Frottage is one of my favourite paint effect techniques as it brings a bolder and more distinctive ageing process to any surface – in an instant! You often see this look in Swedish country interiors, I think partly because of the old textured paints that have long been in these wooden interiors, and partly because of the way it is allowed to peel off over time,” says Annie Sloan.

DIY Frottage Table Make Over

1 Choose one Chalk Paint colour as a base – here Aubusson Blue was used.

2 Then choose two Chalk Paint colours to create the aged look – here Scandinavian Pink and Cream was used.

3 When the base coat is dry, apply a second add-on colour of thin, diluted paint over the surface (use enough water for it to drip slightly). Before this dries lay a newspaper over the surface and rub it down with your hands then lift it off – et voilà, the aged look process has begun.

When the second add-on colour is dry, add the third diluted colour, following the process as above. This technique removes each layer of paint unevenly to create the age worn effect.

Finally add Annie Sloan Clear Wax to seal the surface.

Annie Sloan Table 1

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Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan are £5.95 for 100ml tester pots and £18.95 per 1 litre pot. Available in over 30 historic, mixable, colours are available, which produce a beautiful, velvety matt finish that can be applied to numerous surfaces including wood, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, brick, stone and even fabric. Chalk Paint™ is the favourite choice for upcycling furniture as, due to its incredible unique sticking power, no priming or sanding is necessary – just paint over existing surfaces to create great, durable, results. Lead free and completely non-toxic Chalk Paint™ is naturally as low in VOCs as you can get and is virtually odour free – making it ideal for those who are sensitive to traditional paints.

Annie Sloan Soft Wax is available in Clear and Dark, priced at £7.95 for 500ml tins and Clear Wax is also available in an extra value 5 litre tin at £58.95.

To read more about this project read Annie Sloan’s story The eye-catchy colours of Paul Klee on her blog – Check out the Klee-inspired dotted chest of drawers project and Graduated Chest of Drawers! You can find the entire range of Annie Sloan paints on her website or look for tutorials on YouTube!

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