How to apply Vilene Lamifix

How to apply Vilene Lamifix

How to apply Vilene Lamifix

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So, today I want to talk about Lamifix.

Ok, if you guys haven’t met before, let me introduce y’all. Vilene Lamifix is a fusible film that can be applied to the surface of a fabrics to give it a wonderful water-resistant surface. This can be used in a whole heap of projects from bags, fabric bowls, table set, book covers – or any of a million projects that you might dream up. Lamifix is available in two different finishes – a gloss and a mat – each offering a different look to your finished makes. While Lamifix is water-resistant it isn’t wise to put it in the wash, instead finished makes can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made PeachyThe upper roll is Vilene Lamifix Gloss and the lower one Vilene Lamifix Matt.
The swatch to the left features Vilene Lamifix Gloss, while the swatch on the right is showcasing Vilene Lamifix Matt. 

The great thing about Lamifix is that this film is fusible using the heat from the iron, so you don’t need to hunt out anything fancy to secure it to your chosen fabric. Stop right there. I know what your thinking! Isn’t putting a hot iron onto a sheet of film going to end up in some kind of burt, stinking mess on the bottom of the iron? Yup! You got it in one! The iron can’t come into direct contact with the surface of the Lamifix, or else you’re going to end up with grubby mess on your hands! There is a secret to getting this fused, so here is my step-by-step guide for How To Apply Vilene Lamifix!
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made Peachy

Begin with a piece of fabric cut down to your chosen size. You will be working with a single sheet of Vilene Lamifix, which needs to be cut slightly larger than the fabric, so allow a 1-2cm border around the raw edges.
Lamifix Gloss 1Place the fabric right side up and press flat – because, let’s face it, there is no point adding a fancy finish if the fabrics is a huge mess of wrinkles! Once the fabric has cooled place the sheet of Lamifix on top so that the adhesive side is in contact with the fabric. You can identify the adhesive side as the side that is the least smooth, whether it is gloss or mat – plus, this will the side that is innermost when it is on the roll to help avoid confusion. Once the Lamifix is in position, place a sheet of baking parchment or a piece of cotton over the top  – it is this layer that allows the heat to bond the adhesive, but prevents the surface from melting and burning – I know, neat huh?!
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made PeachyWith the iron on a medium heat setting, begin to work over the surface slowly and steadily, allowing the heat to activate the adhesive.
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made PeachyRemove the baking parchment to reveal the Lamifix film fused to the surface. Allow to cool for a couple of seconds (because, trust me on this, Lamifix get’s pretty hot when you’re applying. With your fingertips work around the edge of the fabric release any of the border that has attached to the ironing board. Trim away the excess Lamifix.
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made Peachy After the excess has been removed, recover the Lamifix covered fabric with the baking parchment and press again with the iron on a medium heat. This will help to smooth out the fabrics and ensure that the adhesive has been fully bonded to the surface of the fabric. Work slowly allowing the plate of the iron to make contact with the entire surface of the fabric.
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made PeachyOnce the surface has been fully press for a second time, remove the baking parchment and allow the Lamifix coated fabric to cool for up to 30 minutes – not only will this save you from burning your fingertips (like I said, this does get pretty hot!) but, it will allow the adhesives to create a strong bond with the fabrics.
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix Made PeachyBecause the only difference between the Lamifix Gloss and the Lamifix Mat is the surface finish that it will give to your finished project, you can apply them in exactly the same way!
Take my word for it, once you start experimenting with this fusible film you’ll be amazed at how many of your makes you want to include it in!

Looking for a project to give Lamifix a try?
How To Apply Vilene Lamifix: Custom Note Book  Made PeachyHow about this Custom Notebook Cover?

So, friends, go forth and add a fab finish to your makes – what project do you think you’ll add Lamifix to first?


For more information on Lamifix and the Vilene Range visit Vilene  or contact to find your local stockist.

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