Banoffee Oat Dessert Recipe

Banoffee Oat Dessert Recipe

Banoffee Oat Dessert Recipe

November 25, 2014 | Eats | 1 Comment

It’s dinner party and entertaining season, so what are you going to serve to your guests to finish up delicious meal? How about this tasty twist on a classic Banoffe Dessert? Oats are not just for breakfast – they’re a nutritious wholegrain that add flavour and texture to lots of dishes throughout the day. This scrummy dessert uses rolled oats and is surprisingly easy to make!

100g rolled oats, reserve 25g, toasted, to decorate
2 tbsp clear honey
1 large banana, sliced
4 scoops low fat vanilla ice cream
4 dessert spoons salted caramel sauce
4 tbsp low fat Greek-style yoghurt or wholegrain yoghurt

To serve: a dusting of cocoa 

To Make…
Preheat the oven to 180oC, gas mark 4.

Mix together the 75g rolled oats and honey, spread evenly on a small baking tray and bake for 5 minutes turning the mixture over a few times. Put aside to cool.

Divide the oat mixture equally between 4 sundae dishes. Top with sliced banana, and a scoop of ice cream. Spoon over the caramel sauce.

Add a dollop of yoghurt and finish with a dusting of cocoa powder and sprinkle over the reserved toasted oats.

Why not try…
Swap bananas for raspberries and salted caramel sauce for chocolate sauce.

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    November 25, 2014

    oooh, that looks SO delicious!! I’ll try not to lick the screen…

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