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Sewing Manual Laura Strutt Made Peachy


“This book will prove an invaluable guide for beginner-intermediate sewists!”
The Sewing Directory

   “Must-have!” –  Yours Magazine

The Sewing Manual, £21.99, is an invaluable reference guide for both beginners and intermediate stitchers alike. Each element of the craft is broken down into clear step-by-step guides, complete with colour photography throughout, to help even the most nervous crafter pick up essential and creative sewing skills.

Sectioned to cover a wide range of sewing disciplines including home furnishing, dress making, quilting and customising, plus technique guides for both machine and hand stitching. The book also contains an overview of essential sewing tools and explains their uses, along with a beginner-friendly guide to using and looking after a sewing machine.

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DIY Wedding Laura Strutt Made Peachy    

    “Failsafe step-by-step approach”
 Wedding Journal

    “Easy ways to save money on your wedding”
–  Hello Magazine

    “Laura Strutt shows you how to organise your fairytale wedding on a shoestring budget”

The DIY Wedding Manual, £18.99, Many savvy couples are getting creative when it comes to planning and arranging their wedding, in order to make their ‘big day’ unique, meaningful and affordable. Packed with creative suggestions, step-by-step projects, money-saving hints and inspirations for the special day, the DIY Wedding Manual will guide you through the process of planning and preparing your perfect wedding day, even if you have Champagne taste and a lemonade budget!

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Arm & Finger Knitting Laura Strutt Made Peachy

“Clear step-by-step technique tutorials”
Mollie Makes

Arm and Finger Knitting: 35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear, £12.99, This creative new knitting technique which used your own arms and hands instead of needles is causing quite a storm! Breaking free from the constraints of normal needle sizes with this illustrated guide that demonstrates how to do all the usual stitches andtechniques using just your arms and hands, from plain garter stitch to moss stitch, increasing and decreasing, and knitting with two or more strands of yarn at a time.

To make the best use of the unique texture and scaleof no-needle knitting, she has designed 35 stylish projects for you to make, for the home and to wear. There are stylish arm-knitted scarves and cowls, and a simple stool cover, but also finger-knitted wall art and even jewellery!

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Arm Candy UK

“There are hours and hours of creative fun making bracelets in this book!”

– Dad of Divas

   “Children of the 1980s will wax nostalgic over some of the projects, but today’s tweens and teens will appreciate the contemporary takes on DIY bracelets.” –  Library Journal

Arm Candy, £9.99, Simple to make and fun to wear, friendship bracelets are the perfect homemade accessory to try your hand at. They make great gifts for friends – if you can bear to give them away! Have a go at using washi tape, cord, safety pins, loom bands, beads and even zips to make bracelets and bangles to wear stacked together or one at a time.

With step-by-step instructions and photography, you will soon be fully prepared to knot, bend, twist, braid and tie your way into friendship-bracelet heaven!

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“This is an inspiring collection of designs that can be enjoyed by the most experienced crocheter while still being accessible for the newest.”          Inside Crochet

“No matter what your level of crochet skill, we all love a granny square and Laura’s contemporary take on a traditional style is refreshing and sure to be the envy of your crafty pals!”Let’s Knit

Modern Granny Square Crochet & More: 35 stylish patterns with a fresh approach to traditional stitches, £12.99.
Crochet is the hottest yarn craft on the block right now and nothing is more fun that creating Crochet Granny Squares! Whether you are just starting to crochet, or you have moved on to other stitches and patterns, Modern Granny Square Crochet and More provides you with plenty of inspiration to get back to basics and reignite your love of granny squares, circles, triangles and more.  There is plenty to choose from in the Clothes and Accessories section too, including a book bag and coin purse, a granny hexagon tech case, and a triangle shawl, all in rich colours. The basic stitches and techniques you need are all fully illustrated and explained, so you just need the yarn and a hook to be able to create these beautiful, contemporary and stylish pieces.

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9781782493112“We were thrilled to see [Laura Strutt’s] collection of shawl and wrap projects…you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and abilities!”          Inside Crochet

“If you’re looking for plenty of variety, you’ll find it here.
A range of yarn weights, constructions and techniques await the interested crocheter in these pages, the patterns are dotted with handy advice and alternative yarns.” –Knitting Magazine

Modern Crochet Shawls & Wraps: 35 stylish ways to keep warm from lacy shawls to chunky throws, £12.99.

Shawls, wraps and throws are a simple yet colourful way to liven up your wardrobe or home – they are comforting and cosy, but they can also be stylish and delicate. With 35 patterns ranging from a simple, slip-on crochet wrap, to a large open-work shawl with tassles, and an emerald-green throw with contrasting borders.

There are lace-patterned shawls to drape around your shoulders at a party, or capelets to add a layer of warmth to your outfit on chilly days. Granny hexagons and stars are used to make giant rectangular wraps and throws, while triangle stitch and puff stitch add texture and weight.

There’s even a ‘stash-buster’ pattern with a mix-and-match border designed to use up your colourful leftover yarns. Many of the shawls would make excellent gifts – particularly as ‘prayer shawls’ – and of course, one size fits all!

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Baby Blankets35 Knitted Baby Blankets: for the nursery, pram & playtime,  £12.99, CICO Books – pre-order on Amazon

News of a new arrival brings about a flurry of activity. In reality there is very little a newborn needs other than warmth and love and what better way to show that you care than to hand-knit a beautiful baby blanket. 

From the first car journey to an outing in a buggy, a knitted blanket will accompany baby wherever they go. Laura Strutt has designed a teddy bear travel blanket that cleverly folds away into a pillow and a hooded wrap for keeping cozy in a sling. For the nursery there is a soft cot cover and a dungaree-style sleeping bag in breathable merino wool perfect for a peaceful night s rest. For playtime, there s a cotton-backed blanket that can double up as a rug to take out and about and a tiny comforter blanket guaranteed to become baby s closest companion.

With stunning yarns, simple techniques and gorgeous designs there s sure to be a blanket here that will be treasured for years to come.

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Weaving Book


Modern Weaving:Learn to weave with 25 bright & brilliant weaving projects,  £12.99, CICO Books – pre-order on Amazon

Weaving is back! Create beautiful wall hangings and accessories on a loom, with clear charts and step-by-step instructions.

Laura Strutt has designed 25 contemporary weavings in a range of stylish colourways, from bright neons to pastels, Navajo-inspired earth tones, monochrome and neutrals, as well as suggesting alternate colours so you can match your makes to your home and your accessories to your mood. With a comprehensive techniques section that covers everything from how to make your own loom, warping (preparing) a loom, basics such as tabby weave, bubbling, Egyptian knots, Soumak weave, basket weave and many more, you will develop the skills you need to make a wide range of exciting projects, such as a stunning gold and cream wall hanging with extra-long Rya knots, a pastel-coloured hanging with ribbons and strips of lace to create a tactile texture, or a pretty phone cover with Aztec-inspired triangles the only difficult part is choosing what to make first!


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