Boye Artisan Crochet Tools

Boye Artisan Crochet Tools

Boye Artisan Crochet Tools

July 28, 2013 | Style, Tried & Tested | 5 Comments

Tried & Tested…Boye Artisan Crochet Hooks
When we make something we want to make something beautiful. We want to use beautiful materials, so why wouldn’t we want to use beautiful tools too?

When these Boye Artisan Crochet Master set arrived at the Made Peachy studio they just about took my breath away – I mean, these tools are crafted! Elegant wood hook, nickel-plated shaft, a whole host of adapters and even a handy travel pouch, so how could I not fall in love with them?

Craft tools get a lot of heavy use in my studio – I work a lot of projects, and I have high expectations for my tools. Yes – seeing a selection of exquisite looking crochet hooks is a brilliant way to help get the creative juices flowing – if they feel good in my hands I want to pick them up, used them and get creating. But, on the flip side – and its a pretty weighty flip side – they tools have to deliver. There is nothing more frustrating than picking up a tool and finding that you can’t achieve the results you want, or that they’re awkward or fussy to use.

I’ve used a lot of interchangeable knitting needles in my time, before finally coming to rest with my favourites – The KnitPro Symfonie Wood interchangeable Needles. Having all the different components, in an interchangeable format, stashed away ready to mix and match to get just the right tool for the job is a winner in my book. I’ve experienced a few sticking points that I simply couldn’t get on with – the connections between the needle and the cable coming undone, the wire being too thin or too stiff -to name but a few. So, when it came to these beauties, I knew I’d have some pretty high standards.

Artisan HooksSet
I use crochet hooks for all kinds of projects – amigarumi, granny squares, edging and finishing knitting projects and Tunisian work – so these crochet hooks would need to be the best in all situations to warrant a place in my studio. I love the travel case, all the hooks are all laid out, ready to grab at a moments notice – just like a surgeon in a operating theatre. Ok, so I might not be performing brain surgery, but there is nothing more frustrating than trying to find a different hook mid project.

The hooks used alone have a lovely weight, not too heavy not too light, I want to be able to feel the hook in my hand but I don’t to feel as though I’ve been doing a workout. Wood is usually my go-to for hooks and needles, I like the smoothness when working stitches, there is no snagging like some of my much loved (read: over used) bamboo hooks. The wood of these hooks not only looks the part but it slides easily over the yarn and you can really get some speed up!

The length of the hook can be effectively altered with the use of a selection of cables, each one is securely fitted with metal fastening and key – no matter whether working in the round, flat, or back and forth, the connections stayed fast. Switching between cottons, wools, soya and alpaca, whatever yarn I tried it slid over the hook without snagging on the joins between the metal and wood or the cables and connectors. Like a dream I tell you, like a dream!

What I love most about interchangeable tools is that I never seem to run out of combinations of using the cables and adapters. Two styles of end stops included in the kit means that you can secure the stitches when working with a cable or you can add a wooden end to transform it into a standard hook. It’s like these guys thought of everything!

Artisan Hooks MainNow that I’ve started using these interchangeable crochet tools I doubt that they will be far from my side – the only real question is , what can I crochet next?

 ♥ – ♥ – ♥

Boye Artisan Tools CrochetMaster, £169.99

  • 12 natural wood hook heads with nickel-plated handles
  • Hook sizes 3.75mm-15mm (F to Q)
  • Flexible  kink-free cables – 2 x 3″, 2 x 5″, 1 x 9″, 1 x 12″ & 1 x 18″
  • 2 x metal connector joins
  • 2 x metal keys for securing connections
  • Large and small natural wood caps (for traditional crochet)
  • Two large end stoppers
  • Stylish storage case

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    July 29, 2013

    I don’t even crochet, but those are the mot beautiful crochet hooks I’ve ever seen! I need to check out their knitting needles now….

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      July 31, 2013

      That are even more beautiful in real life – if that’s even possible! I think a set of these is a solid reason to learn to crochet 😉 !

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