Bullet Journaling – a new crush!

August 28, 2014 | Reads, Style | 1 Comment

I’m a list gal. Always have been, always will be.

I have tried almost every app and tech gadget going to bring my love of lists into the modern era. But, you know what, nothing seems to work quite as well as a good old fashioned paper and pen combo.

Bullet Journal 3SÄRSKILD notebook £1.50 Ikea

I love tick lists, tiny little boxes to check off when they are done. What could be more satisfying than that? Turns out, that this is a thing. This writing organised lists, complete with check boxes is basically a real thing. A thing proving that I’m not alone in my need for lists and organisation.

This thing is called Bullet Journaling. I like that name, that’s a go-getter kind of name, so of course it gets my vote! The basic principle is to use a new sheet of a notebook for each day, write out the tasks in a list format – with the check boxes and then you can work through the list checking them off.
Bullet Journal 2There are additional ways you can organise your Bullet Journal – to make tracking tasks, months and projects much easier. These include creating an index that you set at the start of the notebook and complete as you work through, adding monthly at-a-glance page at the start of each month which can be updated with events, dates to remember and projects.

Bullet Journal WebsiteFind out more about keeping a Bullet Journal – a paper-based organisation system over on the Bullet Journal website there is even a neat video to get you up-to-speed super fast!

September is right around the corner, and I have big plans for the coming months, so I’m planning on this clever analog format to keep (and stay) on top of things. I’m pretty sure that this is a customisable system and I can’t way to see where this takes me! Do you keep a Bullet Journal? Do you love it? Have you customised it? Tell me your Bullet Journal loves!