Calling All Modern Quilters!

Calling All Modern Quilters!

Calling All Modern Quilters!

July 4, 2017 | Crafts | 1 Comment

Hello Quilters, Hello Modern Quilters, Hello Fabric Enthusiasts That Dream of Being Quilters! (Specifically those folks local to Essex – sorry!)

Do modern quilts make your heart race?
Do you love dramatic modern designs?  Bold colours? Striking use of prints? Minimalist designs? High contrast elements? Graphic styles? Inprov piecing?

If the answer is YES to any (or all!) of the above, you my friend are a Modern Quilting fanatic – and that’s a great thing to be!

What you see before you is a girl on a quest! For as long as I can remember (OK for as long as Instagram has existed, which feels like forever!) I have been avidly following MQG around the the country, in fact around the World, and have been wistfully hoping that someone would set up a lovely, fun, friendly, inspiring and informative Modern Quilt Guild right here on my doorstep. And, guess what, after years of wishing, hoping and daydreaming about this magical MQG just appearing one day to brighten my stitching life, I realised…that if I wanted to be part of a MQG, then perhaps I should go about setting one up.

This, my friends, is where I am today! Standing up, shouting out and hoping to set up a MQG in Essex that we can be really proud of!

“What is a MQG & Why would I want to join any way?”
Well, I’m glad that you asked!

Modern Quilt Guilds were born out to the desire for those of us that love the modern aesthetic of quilts and quilting to join together as a community IRL (not just online!) to inspire and encourage the passion for modern quilting.

So many of us quilters stitch alone at home, occasionally talking part in online swaps and challenges, but joining a group like MQG a fantastic opportunity to regularly meet AND STITCH with like minded folks. We can share tips and expertise, we can destash and restash together, we can work on a group project, host education talks, attend quilting events together, inspire each other hold swaps and generally have a total blast together!

So, are you based in or near Essex, UK?
Is you passion for quilting off the charts?
Then now is your chance to get involved and be part of something really special, rewarding and inspiring!

Do you want to get involved? Simply drop me an email with MQG Essex in the subject line and we can get this show on the road!

Fabric Friends who are not local to Essex, maybe you know someone who is, do a gal a favour and give this a shout out on your chums on social media! xox



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    July 26, 2017

    I don’t live near Essex sadly but just had to say wow! To the multicoloured pixelated quilt, it’s stunning! I’ve been thinking about modern quilting in an indirect way recently after stumbling across the fabric fox website (a U.K. Online shop) I haven’t bought anything yet but frankly would like to get just about everything on there so far! Don’t know what they’re like though as none of my friends have tried it yet either … but perhaps worth a browse!

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