Chunky Santa Hat Knitting Pattern

Chunky Santa Hat Knitting Pattern

December 5, 2013 | Crafts | 3 Comments

When it comes to Christmas along with a (compulsory!) Christmas Sweater, I think that folks should wear a knitted Santa hat. Of course I think that, and I’m certain that you aren’t surprised in the least!

A few years ago I knitted a Santa hat for a magazine and, without fail, I’ve worn that hat with pride each and every year since. My family and friends have come to accept the fact that throughout December I’ll wear this to pretty much every festive event there is – from Christmas shopping & festive parties to nights in front of Christmas movies wrapping gifts and the big day itself – I just won’t be without it!

I know, it’s silly. But you know what, Christmas (despite how much I adore it) can be a very stressful time for so many people, it can be a time of money worries, sadness at missing loved ones, anxiety about getting everything prepared and in order before the guests arrive, and those stresses can get you down. I like to think that wearing the hat, helps to lift the mood – well, it works for me when I’m frantically trying to wrap toys for fourteen nieces and nephews!
Chunky Santa Hat Made PeachyI mean, anything that features a jumbo pom pom can’t be bad, right?!

Whether you make this for yourself, adapt the pattern to make a mini one for the Littles or use it as a quirky decoration, this easy-make pattern will be sure to fast track you into the Christmas spirit! So, what are you waiting for, let’s make a Chunky Santa Hat!

Chunky Santa Hat Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Cygnet Seriously Chunky in Cream (shade 288) , one 100g ball
Cygnet Chunky in Red (shade) 167, two 100g balls

7mm & 10mm needles
Cardboard discs to make a pom pom (or a PomPomMaker)

16sts by 16 rows for 10cm x 10cm (4in x 4in)

Fits a standard adult head
This pattern uses standard Knitting Abbreviations.
Chunky Santa Hat Made Peachy

Hat (make two pieces, front and back)
With red cast on 30sts using the 7mm needles.
Work in stocking stitch for 6 rows
Row 7: Work in stocking stitch and decrease one stitch at the start and end of the row
Continue working in stocking stitch decreasing one stitch at each end every fourth row, until there are 24sts remaining
Work five rows in stocking stitch
Row 21: Work in stocking stitch and decrease 1st at the start and end of each row
Continue working on sticking stitch decreasing one stitch at each end of every sixth row, until there are 18sts remaining
Work five rows in stocking stitch
Continue working in stocking stitch decreasing 2sts at each end each alternate row until there are 2sts remaining
Cast off
Create the hat band
With the cream yarn cast on 5sts using the 10mm needles
Row 1: K1 P1, repeat to end

Repeat this row to create moss stitch (seed stitch)
Continue working on moss stitch until work measures 52cm
Cast off
Chunky Santa Hat Made Peachy
Make a pom pom
Cut out two 9cm discs of cardboard and snip a 2cm hole in the centre, and hold together. With the cream yarn, begin wrapping the cardboard, working around the circle and continue wrapping until the hole in the centre is full and it is impossible to wrap any more yarn. Snip the yarn by pushing the blades of a sharp pair of scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cutting through the yarn. Wrap the yarn tail around the pom pom by winding it though the gap in between the two pieces of card and pull up tightly before knotting to secure. Pull the pop pom free form the card and even up any rough strands by trimming with the scissors.
To finish the hat
Working on one side seam at a time, place the two hat sections together with the right sides outermost and join the two pieces together with a mattress stitch. Continue over the top of the had and down to join the second side. Place the cream moss stitch band along the lower edge of the hat and stitch in place with cream yarn to secure. join the two ends of the band together where they meet at the back with mattress stitch and fasten off.
Postion the pom pom onto the top of the hat and stitch in place – larger pom poms can be quite heavy, especially those made from chunky yarn like this one, so be sure to titch it on tightly!
Weave in all loose ends and wear with pride! Ho! Ho! Ho!


As seen in Let’s Knit Magazine for Cygnet Yarns

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