The Countdown Begins…

The Countdown Begins…

The Countdown Begins…

January 6, 2014 | Events, Reads | 2 Comments

You remember that time I got married? Well, I don’t know if you know this…but, one month before the big day I was finishing up the manuscript for my Sewing Book when the publisher called with an idea. Everyone loves an idea, right? Well, this one was just too much fun!
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made Peachy: Image Kerrie MitchellHaving chatted about my upcoming nuptials with my publisher (and pretty much anyone that would listen, as brides tend to!) she thought it would be great to work on a DIY wedding book – sharing ideas for creating a DIY wedding, tips on planning, budgeting and bringing together all the elements that make a unique and special wedding. Of course, I jumped at the chance!
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made Peachy: Image Kerrie MitchellSo, once we returned from a deliciously relaxing and heavenly honeymoon in the Maldives I did what every newlywed does, collected my wedding gown from the dry cleaners and set about wedding planning! Yes! That’s right! Out came the notebooks, the sketch pads, the craft supplies and I began working on a whole new wedding…well, a series of wedding ideas to include in this step by step book.

Now, this title has been available to pre-order on Amazon for the longest time, this listing features a super early draft of the cover, so I thought, now that the publication date is in sight, I would share this exclusive peek at the real cover. Yes my friends, this is the real deal!
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made PeachyDIY Wedding Manual, £18.99 Haynes

You know what? Writing a book is very much like planning a wedding- you dream up ideas, you spend hours working on the smallest details, some days it’s all you can think about, you put your heart and soul into it, it’s a lot of graft, a real labour of love and then the day comes and you realise that it was worth all the hard work!

I can hardly believe that this time next month my book will be in stores! I mean, wow, time has flown by!
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made Peachy: Image Kerrie MitchellAre you tying the knot this year? Did you marry your sweetheart in DIY, handmade, budget-friendy ceremony – I’m a sucker for romance, so I’d love to hear your lovestory!

ps: These breathtakingly beautiful wedding and engagement photography – and the one that appear in the book – are by the super awesome Kerrie Mitchell

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    January 6, 2014

    Wow it looks brilliant Laura, well done you! x

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    January 6, 2014

    I am so excited about the book! I got engaged December 2012 we are finalyl getting around to planning our big day and I know this book with be so helpful. Congratulations Laura! Exciting times ahead 🙂

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