Countdown to Christmas – Festive favourites to make, do, buy and eat!

Countdown to Christmas – Festive favourites to make, do, buy and eat!

Countdown to Christmas – Festive favourites to make, do, buy and eat!

November 7, 2014 | Crafts, Eats | 1 Comment

And, by C-Word I mean Christmas!

What if I were to tell you that there were only 48 sleeps till Christmas?

Does that fill with you full of joy for the Festive Season ahead? Or rather, does it leave you feeling chilly with dread about all the things that you need to do, make, buy, organise and arrange ahead of this special day?

Christmas is very much like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it…no doubt you readers that loathe the Festive Season will want to be clicking off this post right now – but, wait, rather than heading over to fill out yet another Buzzfeed Quiz or try to get to the next level on Two Dots I think you might want to hear me out! (Fans of Chrimbo, you’ll want to stick around for this too – because, this post is about Christmas, and you love Christmas!)

Christmas as a grown up is very different to Christmas as a kid, it’s a no brainer, right? All the magic, all that fun, all those gifts, all the food, all the plans with family and friends, that all falls to the grown ups. Some of us relish this and enjoy every second as part of the Christmas Build Up. However, some of us find it exhausting and dread having to start thinking about Christmas Cards and Gift Wrapping.

However, I am the Christmas Cheermeister! I love everything about the festive season – the cold weather, the food and drink, the cozy evenings with family, gift shopping, Christmas movies (particularly those that go straight to TV – such a guilt pleasure!).

SantaHat5You can knit this Santa hat for yourself, fellow Christmas Cheermeisters with this free pattern!
Here are some of my very favourite Christmas Treats to make, eat, buy and enjoy…hope that this gets you in the mood!

All the Eats!

PlatedTurkeyCheck out this delicious recipe for Clementine & Sage Turkey with Madeira Gravy

Christmas Lunch is the centre of most of our celebrations, so it’s no wonder that this element causes a whole heap of pressure – especially if your hosting for larger numbers that you would normally be catering for. Rather than during your head in the sand, why not get you plans in early? Start out by selecting your recipe for the feast – I’m talking the turkey and all the trimmings, be sure to check your guest numbers (although you may want to add in a portion or two extra for last minute guests, or delicious second helpings on Boxing Day!) Some folks like to begin to buy in the ingredients that have a longer shelf life gradually over the weeks leading up to Christmas, not only does this spread the cost, but it save you from that super stressful journey to get a full grocery list in the week before the big day!

place setMake a real feature of your table with festive placemats – I can’t get enough of these wonderful cut felt placemats, £1.95, DotComGiftShop – colourful, cheery and the thick felt will help to save your table from all those hot plates too!

No Christmas table is complete with out a few fancy decorations!

CrackersCrackers are my all time fave – and paper crown wearing is compulsory in my world! Check out these mini beauties! Set of 8 Carnival Christmas Crackers, £3.95, DotComGiftShop

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few (boozy) tasty bevies – here are just some of my favourite drinks to serve on chilly winters evenings!
MulledCiderFinalWarm your self up with this Spicy Mulled Cider!

HotToddy6Banish the chills with a Cherry & Brandy Hot Toddy!

Eggnog8Indulge yourself with a creamy Egg Nog – here are three tasty tipples to get you started!

glassesIf wintertime soirees are your thing be sure you have enough glass wear for all your guests – I love these simple vintage cafe glasses, £5.95, for a set of 6, DotComGiftShop, this classic style will really let your beverages do the talking!

PepMintFinal21Christmas time is the time of year when its acceptable to eat sweet treats with every meal! I have a weakness for these Candy Cane Peppermint Creams – you’ll be amazing how quickly you can whip up a batch and they make the best after dinner mint!
PepMintFinal.aJPG_1Or, if your super indulgent, float one on your hot chocolate – trust me, its a winner!

Star cuttersCreate the perfect star shape with these neat cookie cutters, £2.95 for a set of three Star Cookie Cutters, DotComGiftShop!

santa cuttersYou could even go to town with this set of 6 Carnival Christmas Cookie Cutters, £5.95, DotComGiftShop!

Deck The Halls
Your surroundings have a huge impact on how you feel. So, it’s no wonder that starting to decorate the home for the festive season is a great way to bring in that holiday cheer. Handmade decorations not only loo great, but are a brilliant way to craft your self in to that super seasonal mood.

Crochet Star GarlandWhy not try your hand at this Crochet Star Garland? Lashings of this stunning garland will make your home look fabulous this Christmas, and for many more to some, also, the stars are fun to make, and you can whip up a couple each evening to create wondrous lengths of this pretty decoration!

DCGS Paper ChainsOr, create your own colourful paper chains? This easy-to-use kit, £6.95, DotComGiftShop, is perfect for entertaining the little ones on a cold and rainy weekend!

JollyMerryFinalSay it like you mean it with this fun Jolly Merry Garland!

GarlandThe twinkling of tiny lights is surefire way to create the magic of Christmas – How awesome is this Holly & Ivy LED Light Garland, £12.95, DotComGiftShop?

Wrap Time!
One of my very favourite Christmas traditions is wrapping all the gifts. There is nothing quite like sitting down with a glass of mulled wine, a Christmas movie and getting busy with wrapping, ribbons and trimmings. That for me is utter bliss!

Printed-Gift-Wrap9Creating your own custom gift wrapping paper is a great way to add a really unique and personal style to your presents this year.

Gift-Tags5Why not finish them off with these free printable gift tags?

There are always those gifts that are a little tricky to wrap (here I’m thinking back to a Christmas past when I tangled in tape and paper wrapping up a skateboard!)  rather than stressing over awkward shaped gifts, slip thin in a gift box with lashing of tissue paper for a stylish way to present your gifts!
PanetoneThis set of 3 festive print Panettone Boxes, £4.95, DotComGiftShop are ideal for stowing lots of little gifts and treats – and the little handle makes them ideal for toting to parties and get togethers!

GingerbreadIf you’re planning on gifting hand baked goodies this year, these Gingerbread Boxes, £3.95 for a set of 2, DotComGiftShop, are just the ticket!

paper craft tape02For me its the finishing flourishes that really make a gift stand out under the tress – and lets face it, we all what the gift that we wrapped to be the one that everyone is hoping is for them, right?! Paper tapes are a brilliant way add a quick and colourful flourish to your parcels  – I love this pack of 4 Scandi Print Paper Tapes £3.95 from DotComGiftShop – and, they are brilliant for customising otherwise plain and boring christmas card envelopes!

Christmas Countdown!

Ok. It is clear that I adore Christmas! But it is not only the day itself that I love, the run up to Christmas. I still count the number of sleeps as soon as December hits and our house will always have an advent calendar (or three!)
Adventfinal2Advent candles have been a family tradition of mine since as long as I can remember – did you know that you can make your own advent candle from a simple table candle and some Sharpie markers?

AdventEven though we’ll be burring a candle we still love the daily sweet treats of confectionery calendars (we shall never grown out of this, I’m sure!) Chocolate calendars sure do taste good, but they aren’t always all that pretty, this year I have my heart set on something a little more grown up (Yes, a more grown up way to enable my childish indulgence!) – I can’t get enough of this Christmas Tree Peg String Calendar, £14.95, DotComGiftShop, not only does this look fantastic and you can use your very favourite wrapped confectionary, you can also use it many Christmases to come – pretty neat huh?

Now all I want to do is curl up with a hot chocolate and watch christmas movies…all day long! What are your favourite things about Christmas?

DCGS XMAS COMP MAINPS: I’ve been thinking about making my own calligraphy cards to send out this Christmas, but its been ages since I had time to practice with my inks – but what to you think of this fun lettering style? I’ve not tried out this poster nib before – and oh my! what fun!

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    November 7, 2014

    whoa, so many inspiring, amazing christmasy things! I think I’ll start with those peppermint creams, they look amazing in the hot chocolate!

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