Crafting a Christmas Countdown

Crafting a Christmas Countdown

Crafting a Christmas Countdown

November 26, 2015 | Crafts | 1 Comment

It all seems a little crazy to be even thinking of this, but Christmas is actually right around the corner! I swear wasn’t it only Valentine’s Day like a week ago?

The busier life gets the faster each year seems to whizz past, and I know that I’m never going to be able to slow time down but I can make an effort to live in the moment and really make the most of each day.

Christmas is undeniably rushing towards us a warp speed this year, and I feel wholly unprepared. I have not crafted any gorgeous hand lettered cards that I vowed to myself I would, I have not thought about the gifts for the Littles in our family, I have not picked out a funny festive outfit for Waffle. All in all I’m behind on this years preparations! That isn’t to say I’m being a Grinch about it all – Far from it! I love Christmas, can’t wait for all the heat togethers with family and friends and all the feasting and making merry. I just feel like I missed the memo that said just how soon Christmas actually is!

Crafting a Christmas Countdown Made Peachy One of my favourite things is the countdown and preparing for the celebrations and traditions. Each year I like to burn an Advent Candle to count down the days till Christmas.

But, this year I decided that we’d start the tradition of using a real wooden house calendar too!
Crafting a Christmas Countdown Made Peachy I love these Wooden Advent Houses from Hobbycraft that you can decorate in any way you choose! These sweet chalet-style houses have 25 miniature doors behind which you can stash a whole host of sweet treats, mini gifts or even love notes – you know, if you’re super soppy!

Crafting a Christmas Countdown Made Peachy Because these Wooden advent houses are a complete blank canvas you can decorate them exactly as you choice – go wild with the glitter and mini pom poms, add candy canes or colourful buttons. Paint it, stamp it, add felts, buttons, beads and trimmings to make your own festive countdown calendar that you can keep for years to come!

Crafting a Christmas Countdown Made Peachy How do you like to mark the start of the festive season? Do you have an advent calendar or cancel – what are your countdown tradition?


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    November 26, 2015

    oh my gosh, that little advent house from hobby craft is adorable! and what a clever idea. I have a grown up advent calendar for tea that I love, but I’m going to make one for my kiddos next year.

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