Creamed Corn Fritters

Creamed Corn Fritters

Creamed Corn Fritters

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Autumn calls for homely food and there is nothing more homely than this quick and easy recipe. Creamed Corn Fritters are a firm favourite with my family in New Zealand, they are speedy to whip up and are a great and hearty accompaniment to hot soups and casseroles or even enjoyed as a side dish served with fresh crisp salad.

I’ll be the first to admit that creamed corn does look a little odd, but it is a store cupboard essential for many folks in the Southern Hemisphere, and I can’t blame them. Its super tasty and the creamy consistency allows it to blend really well to make these fritters. Of course, if you can’t find creamed corn in your local world food store, you can substitute for a can of standard corn – you will need to mix up a blend of cornflower and water and add to the mix to get the right spooning consistency for the batter.

Corn1Grab your supplies…
Can of creamed corn
125g of plain flour
Teaspoon of baking powder
Large egg
Salt and pepper to season
Water – as required
Oil for frying
This will yield 12-14 medium sized fritters
Corn2In a bowl lightly beat the egg and gradually fold in the sifted flour and baking powder. Mix together to create a medium thick batter –  add in tablespoons of water as required to bring the batter together if needed, don’t let the consistency become too liquid, this need to still be a rather thick and stiff mix.
Corn3Add in the can of creamed corn, stir through until the mixture is fully combined. The batter will now have a medium consistency and will be easy to spoon out for cooking and will hold it’s shape in the pan.  If you are using a can of standard corn, add a little cornflower and water to the bowl and mix until you have a medium thick spoonable consistency. Season with salt and pepper as required.
Corn4Heat a small spoonful of oil in a frying pan or skillet, and spoon out the mixture in to even amounts and allow to cook for a few minutes on a medium heat. Once the batter at the base of the fritter begins to bubble, carefully flip the fritter over and cook the other side.
Corn5Cook until both sides are a delicious golden brown and serve. These – much like pancakes – are at their very best when served immediately, they can be kept warm in a low temperature oven while the remaining fritters are cooked.

Whilst the first time I tried this in New Zealand, it was cooked on a skillet topped BBQ , but the results are just as good when you cook them on the stove, I promise!
CornFinalThis is one of my favourite foods for feeling cosy and tastes just perfect with a steaming bowl of creamy tomato soup! What’s your favourite autumn recipe?

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