Creative Reading: Craft a Creative Business

Creative Reading: Craft a Creative Business

Creative Reading: Craft a Creative Business

November 13, 2014 | Reads | 1 Comment

You Guys! I have been waiting for the longest time to get my hands on this book written by a dear friend, Fiona Pullen genius behind The Sewing Directory. I know that I was not alone in my eager anticipation of this book, and, let me tell you, this book was worth the wait.

CraftBusiness Review 1As I said, Fiona is a friend of mine, so of course I would show her my support and share a review of her new book, I know what you’re thinking, “this lady is her friend, so she’s going to say that it is amazing, right?!” Well, here’s the thing, full disclosure, yes Fiona is a friend, and yes I know (on a personal level) how much work and energy goes into producing a book. But, and here’s where you have to pay close attention, Fiona has provided me with a huge amount of support and advice in the early day of starting my own creative business (and still does), lovely long telephone chats, many lengthy emails has given me a personal insight into how her business mind works. Experiencing this support and guidance, and benefiting from her vast knowledge on a personal level has, if anything, set the bar even higher for Fiona and my expectations for her book, can this level of enthusiasm, personal approach and friendly yet strong character and attitude really be captured in a book?

The answer my friends is yes! A resounding and powerful yes! That is what I love about this book! I wanted to read this book cover-to-cover before sharing my thoughts on it with you. As you may know I devour fiction and love to read, but thought that a business book would be, how can I say this, a slow burn. I was surprised to find, that was not the case! I found myself flying through the chapters – tagging many pages, sections and checklists that I know I need to work over, review and consider for my own business in the coming months.

The Low Down
Craft a Creative Business is carefully constructed into six main chapters covering a wide range of different aspects of a business in great depth, each set in a logical order making it ideal for those that want to dip in and out, seek guidance or hunt down a solution. These sections include, Where Do I Start?, Legal Matters, Presentation, Social Media, Selling Online & Selling Offline.

The book hold a great deal of information (a mind-blowing amount in fact!) and, to Fiona’s credit, it is all presented in an easy-to-digest manner. Clearly laid out  – often in bite-sized chunks so you don’t feel as though you are about to meltdown with information overload! Having set up her own successful business Fiona knows how much you will need to invest into your own business in terms of energy, time, enthusiasm, finances and building a sound knowledge of the sector, business and legal practices and this is very much at the heart of this book.
CraftBusiness Review 2Whether you are in the process of gathering idea, approaching the launch of your new business or have been in the game for a little while, this book is a fabulous tool to help you get the best from your business – there are a number of checklists and charts to help you to set or reassess your goals, consider the competition – there are areas for making your own notes, and each section includes lots of resources for further reading and useful websites to check out.

Not only is Fiona sharing her expertise, she also brings together a number of other figures in the Creative Business Sector – including Nel Whatmore, Hiliary Pullen from UKCraftBlog, Craig De Souza from the UK CHA, Alex Veronelli from Aurifil Threads, to name but a few, plus a forward by Craft Journalist Perri Lewis!

Fiona understands that while you might be the most expert stitcher/ knitter/ jewellery designer on the planet, you simply won’t be able to know everything about everything, so here’s where this book will help! You’ll find the answers to all those questions that you might not ever have dared to ask…What is a Lifestyle Photograph? What are Keywords for? Why should I Tweet? What the heck is SEO anyway?

The end of the year is fast approaching (hint! Add this book to your Christmas Wish List!) for me I have only a few more deadlines to work over before the end of the year and 2015 is booking up fast, now is a time to concentrate on fresh goals, new objectives and getting that business house in order. The most valuable aspect of this book, is that there are elements that I know I will return to again and again…revisiting sections where I know I can build on an make improvements, checking back over aspects that I’m not confident with and this book (with all its tagged pages!) is just the encouragement and support I need!

CraftBusiness Review 3Pro-Tip: when you buy this book, I strongly recommend that you buy a pack of page tags (or, hey, you’re creative, make your own with washi tape) because you will want to mark out the sections you’ll be referencing again in the future!

This book is total must-read for anyone thinking about starting, developing, or building a creative business – its a keep it in your bag, on your desk, beside the laptop kind of book – the only question it leave me with is, “where have you been all my life?!”

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Be sure to grab your copy of Craft a Creative Business: Making & Marketing a Successful Creative Business by Fiona Pullen, Search Press, £12.99 – this could be the very best investment you make into your business and creative works!

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    November 15, 2014

    Well this has just gone straight to the top of my Christmas list 🙂

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