Creative Reading: Quiltopedia by Laura Jane Taylor

Creative Reading: Quiltopedia by Laura Jane Taylor

Creative Reading: Quiltopedia by Laura Jane Taylor

June 3, 2014 | Reads | 2 Comments

Every so now and then a book comes my way and I simply couldn’t love it more! This my friends, is one of those!

I think that my passion for patchwork is very apparent by now, so a book promising to be ‘the only quilting reference that I will ever need” surely needs to be on my bookshelf!

Quitlopedia AFirst things first, I was blown away by all the amazing images, bright colourful photographs, stunning projects to make and some of the most stylish contemporary quilting photography I have seen in a long, long time. Why is this so important to me? Well, we all love to look at beautiful things, you only have to take a peek over at my Pinterest boards to prove that fact to be true! As any quilter will tell you, fabrics selections and the composition of colours is just as important to the techniques of actually cutting, piecing and stitching a quilting project. So, these makes – whether you chose to work on the actual project (although I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t!) makes them an excellent lesson in fabrics selection, working combinations and using fabrics to great effect. Now, that is something that I know we all can get behind.
Quiltopedia BOk, ok, so we don’t just want a picture book, I get that. Well, lucky for y’all this book isn’t just style over substance – this book is style and substance! I know, double whammy, right there! There is lots of basic information designed to give you a solid foundation if you are starting out, while those with a bit more experience can use these to get stuck in to applying these techniques into their makes having seen the application in the selection of projects.
Quiltopedia CAnd, for those of us that quite fancy going off piste with our quilting makes, there as a brilliant block directory at the back of the book, which sets out a series of traditional and more contemporary quilt blocks for you to work on – neat huh? I know that this is the section that I’ll be returning to over and over (as well as the technique sections for when my brain clouds over mid make!) there is plenty here to keep me busy for the time being…I guess when I have exhausted this for inspiration we’ll have to get hounding Laura Jane to write a follow up with even more great ideas and designs! Quiltopedia 2Be warned, however, there are a whole heap of quilting abbreviations (yup – I didn’t know half of them existed either!) all of these are fully explained, but it can take a few moments to get your head round this special lingo – stick with it my friends, you won’t be disappointed! All I really want to do now is ditch work for the day and get busy using these ideas to make some rad quilts  *sigh*


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 Quiltopedia CoverQuiltopedia by Laura Jane Taylor, published by Apple Press, £14.99 paperback – get it while it’s hot!

LJTYou can keep up to date with the awesome Laura Jane on her blog NeedlePinsAndBakingTins!

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    June 3, 2014

    that looks so cool, what a great resource! I don’t quilt, but there is something so impressive about the symmetry and arrangements, I bet even graphic designers would really get a lot out of that.

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