Crochet Heart Garland

Crochet Heart Garland

Crochet Heart Garland

February 4, 2014 | Crafts | 2 Comments

I’ve got love on the mind!

Ever since I shared the crochet hanging heart project I created for a guest post for CraftCandy last week I haven’t been able to shake off the desire to make crochet hearts!
Valentines Crochet Heart Garland Made PeachyI decided to create another little make using these adorable hearts. I dearly loved the festive themed crochet star garland, so I thought, why not make a loveheart version? So, basically, that’s one pattern two Valentines makes – pretty rad, right? I adore this cute and colourful Crochet Heart Garland!
Valentines Crochet Heart Garland Made PeachyUsing the Crochet Heart Pattern featured on CraftCandy create a number of crochet hearts – the more you make, the longer your garland will be…I know, that’s not rocket science, right?! Rather than joining pairs of hearts together, keep each one separate to use a single pennant. Weave in all the ends and press each heart neatly.
Valentines Crochet Heart Garland Made PeachyWith a contrasting coloured yarn, starting at the point, join in the yarn ad work around the outer edge of the heart with 1dc in each stitch. Continue until the entire heart has a contrast border, secure the yarn and fasten off. Weave in the ends and press.
{{Hey! Check out that rad yarny ampersand – neat…and completely unintentional…it’s not a secret love note that needs to be decoded…promise!}}
Valentines Crochet Heart Garland Made PeachyWork around each of the hearts until all the heart pennants have a neat contrast border.
Crochet Heart Garland 4With the light coloured yarn, work a chain 20cm long – this will be one of the ties for hanging the garland. Join in the first heart by inserting the hook though the top of the border stitch and then making the chain. Repeat to join to three of the border stitches along the first upper section of the heart. Work ch12 to create a length of chain to reach the second upper part of the heart (without being too loose or too tight and distorting the heart pennant). Join in the second side of the heart to the chain by working through the upper three border stitches as before.
Valentines Crochet Heart Garland Made PeachyWork a 6cm chain before adding in the next heart, joining in the first upper side then the second in the same manner as joining in the first heart. Continue adding in each heart pennant, making a 6cm chain between each and finishing with a 20cm chain for the second tie.
Valentines Crochet Heart Garland Made PeachyThis bunting is so much fun to make, in fact making all the crochet hearts is pretty addictive, you’ll be amazed at how quickly this garland grows! Now, go forth and hang these love hearts around your little love nests in wild abandon!

What are you making for your Valentine this year?


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    February 4, 2014

    that s SO pretty, an I adore the edging in white, looks like a modern, lacy valentine.

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