Talking Cutting Tools & Giveaway!

Talking Cutting Tools & Giveaway!

Talking Cutting Tools & Giveaway!

July 30, 2013 | Tried & Tested | 6 Comments

I’m one of those folks that believes that there is truly a pair of scissors for every job and trust me on this, it can make a whole heap of difference!

I used to be one of those girls who’d just bumble along with a trusty pair of sewing shears – you know the kind, super long blades, molded plastic handle, makes a lovely swooshing snipping sound as you cut. You know…the ones that cut through anything? Cottons, velvet, corduroy, tissue paper patterns, ribbon, string, the sticky tape on big brown paper parcels, those little plastic tags that clothing labels are attached by (for the record, these are called Kimbles, you’re welcome!), gift wrapping paper, cardboard – you name it, these would slice through anything.

I used these old favourites for everything and anything. This my friends, was their downfall. When something is good, and does it’s job well, we want to use it all the time. It becomes a go-to item because you know that you’ll be pleased with the results. But, when your using the wrong tools for the job, it’s going to eventually damage the tool and leave you with some pretty botched results. My favourite blades soon got so dull and gummed up with so much sticky tape adhesive that no amount of cleaning or sharpening would save them. It was a sad day, but I learnt my lesson.

You got it, I’m something of a reformed scissor abuser. So, in our house there is a pair of scissors for every separate task, which makes me a bit of a laughing stock some days, but I’m sticking to my guns on this! We have snippers for fabric, paper, craft, kitchen tasks, DIY – you name it, we’ve got it covered. Plus, I no longer use the end of an opened out pair of scissors (or a butter knife for that matter!) to tighten screws, now I go hunt out a screw driver, like a real grown up – like I said, I’m completely reformed!

Sounds a little over-the-top-crazy? Well, next time your eating steak, try cutting it with a spoon. Or, or try using a steak knife to eat a bowl of soup. I’m talking sense here, right?!

After my keep-separate-scissors-for-separate-tasks revelation, I paid more close attention to picking the right sewing tools for each task and actually it really made a huge difference. Here are three cutting tools I’ve been working with lately, let’s check them out!

Tools ScissorsThese sewing scissors are not only comfortable, with soft ergonomic grips, they also have some of the sharpest blades around! With either 125mm or 210mm (like above) length blade, they are big enough to take on large amounts of fabric cutting like preparing pieces for dressmaking, but also lightweights enough to allow agile snipping for free-hand craft projects.Tools Scissors Cut

 These also have a spring-loaded safety clip, that locks the handles together for storage so the blades can’t come apart – pretty good idea if you ask me, these blades are razor sharp!

Tools Pinking

Who doesn’t love pinking shears? I’ve loved them my whole life – I even have vague memories of my sister cutting my fringe with a pair of pinking shears (did that really happen?)

Yes, pinking shears are the ones that make the fancy edging, but they also have a practical application. The zig zag cut made by the jagged teeth of the blades, cut the fabric just so, which is a great way to prepare cottons and other woven fabrics as it reduces the fraying on the cut edge.

These shears have super long blades – 235mm – that’s a whole lot of pinking for your snipping, so you can cover ground pretty fast – which is a bonus if you’re preparing all your fabrics before you start your project and just want to get on with the sewing.

Tools Pinking Cut

The heavy-duty steel makes them solid and robust too – these are going anywhere any time soon!

Tools Rotary

I remember the first rotary cutter I bought – neat, quick cuts, working through multiple layers of fabrics – it was like a dream come true!

With an ergonomically molded soft grip handle this rotary cutter is great for using with a ruler for tidy patchwork pieces (which I seem to be cutting on a daily basis right now!) Or even in dressmaking for cutting long smooth sections. I’m a huge fan of the locking safety system; blade moves down for use, and secures in place again after – and it’s set and released with the flick of a single finger, well, thumb!

Tools Rotary CutI’m a righty, but I have it on good authority (my husband is a lefty & took the cutter for a spin), that these are equally easy-to-use left-handed as they are right-handed. Or, alternatively, if you’ve got an epic amount of cutting, and you’re incredibly dexterous, you could use one in each hand. {not that I’m actually recommending that, you’re a grown up, make safe scissor and cutting choices!} The blade are quick and easy to remove for replacing or for switching from left to right-hand use – who could ask for more?

 ♥ – ♥ – ♥

Win a scissor stash worth over £50
Because I love you guys, I’ve got five sets of these super cutting tools to giveaway. Yup, five sets.

Get your hands on a pair of OKcut Scissors, Pinking Shears & Rotary Cutter – that’s over £50 worth of sewing kit right there- sweet!

To be in with a chance of winning follow Made Peachy (this is how you’ll find out if you’re a lucky duck!) and post a comment below; say hello, let me know what your next project will be and why these super slicing tools will come in handy!

5 winners will be picked from the comments and posted on the 12th August – Good Luck!

Tools 2

ps: this is the small print (or rather, bold orange print, but you get the gist) – because we don’t want to get into any strife with customs for shipping sharps, this is UK entry only.

 ♥ – ♥ – ♥

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Sew Easy Rotary Cutter £13.95

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  1. Reply

    Lynne Watson

    July 30, 2013

    I have been invited to a masquerade ball in September and want to make a By Hand London Anna dress to wear! I am probably being overly ambitious as I have only been sewing for a few months, but you have to start somewhere 🙂 I would love to win the ‘cutting pack’ as I don’t have a rotary cutter at all yet, and have borrowed my mum’s pinking shears which are proper vintage Singer from the 60’s but don’t actually cut very well! Really enjoy your blog! x

  2. Reply

    Sheila MacKenzie

    July 30, 2013

    Am very excited to be in the business I always wanted to be in. I’m going to be leading dressmaking workshops and building a sewing community in my home city. I’m absorbing lots of information and ideas, it’s great. I am with you on tools for all aspects of your work and like your recommendations. I would love to try them as I am planning for my workshops and sewing, sewing, sewing at the moment, trying out all sorts of things so that I can pass on my experiences to others. Your giveaway is perfect timing. Happy sewing, Sheila

  3. Reply

    Rebecca Barton-Burrows

    July 30, 2013

    Hey Peachy. Absolutely loving the blog. Is there anything you can’t do?!
    Would love to get my grubby little mitts on your giveaway! My 2yo daughter needs a haircut, and the pinking shears would be the perfect tool for the job – right?!
    Keep up the good work
    B xxx

  4. Reply


    August 3, 2013

    I’m currently in high school and one of my favourite subject is textiles! We’re regularly assigned to create projects and these scissors would be amazing in helping me with the process!!
    I also love sewing outside of school and would sew or knit in my spare time. I aim to design and create more dresses in the future and it would be absolutely wonderful If i we’re to win these!

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  6. Reply


    August 12, 2013

    I am so glad to read about your screwdriver revelation, haha! I believe a similar type of reform is occurring in our household.
    This cutting set would be perfect for my girlfriend to use for work, she never seems to have a pair to hand recently!

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