DIY Dotty French Mani

DIY Dotty French Mani

DIY Dotty French Mani

March 5, 2014 | Style | No Comments

It’s Wednesday! The working week is half way done – that means one of two things, either you’ve conquered half of your weekly tasks, or you’ve still got a mountain to climb. As a Glass Half Full kinda gal I’m going to say that this weeks goals are already half way achieved. I can say that honestly…if I don’t look too closely at the remaining To Do List!

So, to celebrate, I thought I’d treat myself to a mid-week mani! Something still smart enough to see me through the rest of the working week, but with a little bit of fun! The French Mani is an all time classic, it is a great way to feel really ‘put together’ with just a little bit of polish. I decided to give this classic a little bit of a fun twist! You can keep this as classic as you like with a blush pink and a bright white accent for the tips, go glitzy with bright pink and a glimmering silver, or pick a lovely latte palette, like I’ve done, with a nude buff and a soft cream. So here’s my DIY Dotty French Mani…
Dotty French Mani 2Grab your supplies…
You’ll need a base coat & top coat – or an all in one, like this handy beauty!
Nude buff polish – or your chosen shade for the main colour
Cream polish – or your chosen shade for the accent colour
A bobby pin (or, for those more fancy than me, proper nail art tools!)
A palette for the accent colour – I use a cosmetics tin lid, but anything that you can wipe clean is just grand!

DIY Dotty French Mani Made Peachy

Go right ahead and shape your nails and paint over your base coat.DIY Dotty French Mani Made PeachyWith your chosen main colour, paint your nails with two full coats, allowing to dry fully between each application.
DIY Dotty French Manicure Made PeachyDecant a blob of the accent colour onto the palette, and open out a bobby pin and straighten out to create a handy little tool to create the perfect dots!
Working on the tips of the nails only, use the bobby pin to apply a neat line of perfectly shaped dots in the accent colour. Each nail will have a sweet little row of dots in place of the classic white tips – now, not only does this look super cute, it requires a lot less precision than a standard french manicure, just perfect for a mid-week mani!
DIY Dotty French Manicure Made PeachyUse the same dotting technique to add an accent tip on each nail. Once the dots have fully dried, apply a glossy top coat to fix the mani – sweet, simple and super cute!

 I don’t know about you, but a 10 minute pick me up DIY beauty treat is a pretty good way to mark that halfway point on the journey to the weekend. Or, at least I can admire my cute mani while I frantically try to get those last things ticked off the To Do List before the weekend!

How’s your week shaping up – what about a fun mid-week mani to get you through to the weekend?

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