DIY Advent Candle

November 29, 2013 | Crafts | 4 Comments

December is just around the corner. So, in our house it is time to start getting read for Christmas. If I’m totally honest, I usually start to think about Christmas at the start of November, but I’ve been convinced that this might be a tad early and try my hardest to keep that to myself!

This time of year is packed with traditions, as a family we have heaps of traditions that go way, way back to our childhood – hanging stockings, toasting marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, and some are new – buying a new (always handmade, and often overly sentimental) decoration for our tree, making vats of limoncello. I love how traditions from our childhoods mix and mingle with those of the folks that enter our lives and how we create our own – for me, this is one of the most special parts of Christmas.

For as long as I can remember we have burnt an advent candle to countdown the days to Christmas. Of course, we would often have chocolate calendars too, but for some reason, the lighting of the candle, in the long dark evening seem so much more magical. This is a tradition that I’ve revisited each year, and, this year I decided that it was time for a DIY Advent Candle.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
One plain dinner candle
Sheet of light coloured tissue paper
Selection of coloured markers – I love Sharpies, but I guess others may work too!
Sheet of greaseproof baking parchment
Hair dryer – or a heat gun if you’re a little more fancy than me and have one!
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyTrim down a sheet of tissue paper into a strip that is as long as the candle and wide enough to be wrapped around it.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyUsing a marker pen, write the dates 1 -25 down the length of the candle, you can always write this in pencil first if you want to be super neat.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyWith coloured markers add a little festive motif at the top and bottom.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyAdd in as many motifs as you like down the length of the candle – or perhaps write a seasonal sentiment.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyWrap the tissue paper around the candle, making sure that the numbers run down the centre. Snip away any excess tissue paper from the design before wrapping tightly with the greaseproof baking parchment.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyHolding the greaseproof paper tight, and being careful not to angle the heat near your fingers, use the hair dryer (or heat gun) to warm the wax and adhere the tissue paper to the candle. Work in small sections at a time, the candle will change colour slightly when the tissue has been bonded. Carefully smooth over – being careful not to burn your fingers – before moving to the next section and continue bonding the tissue until the entire candle has been covered.
DIY Advent Candle Made PeachyCarefully peel away the greaseproof baking parchment and reveal your completed Advent Candle! If there are any small bubbles or unstuck sections, simple re-wrap in a fresh piece of greaseproof parchments and re-heat with the hair dryer (or heat tool) until all the elements are stuck firmly!
DIY Advent Candle Made Peachy

All that is left to do is to secure it firmly into a candle stick – a Wee Willie Winkie style is totally optional – and light each evening in December allowing the candle to burn down to the next number before blowing out. The tissue paper will react differently to the wax of the candle, to you can always wait for the candle to cool after extinguishing it, and trim down any excess paper, so that it looks neat and tidy between each use.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel all cozy and festive already! What style of Christmas countdown do you love to use each year?

Safety First: You guys know the drill – don’t leave burning candles unattended, keep them out of reach of Littles and exercise all other candle related safety when using your Advent Candle!