DIY Bandana Baby Bib

DIY Bandana Baby Bib

DIY Bandana Baby Bib

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It is just me or is stitching and knitting for babies and children one of the most satisfying creative pastimes? It might be that the projects are small scale so they offer that quick crafty fix. Or, that they are the perfect opportunity to try out a new technique on a bite-sized make.

Bandana bibs are a baby staple, perfect for feeding time, catching drool and, let’s face it, they just look so darned cute!

DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy This step-by-step tutorial will show you hoe to make these soft and stylish bandana baby bibs at home, with no dramas. Many stitchers are put of by the prospect of sewing with stretch fabrics. While these fabrics alway spook and feel so appealing the stretchy nature can be the cause of lots of stress when trying to work seams and create projects and garments. This mini make is not only a great baby project, but it is a fab introduction to sewing with jersey – so let’s give it a go! Let’s make a Bandana Baby Bib!
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Grab your supplies…
Stretch Terry, 40cm square
Stretch Jersey, 40cm square
Fusible Interfacing
Snap Fasterners
Sewing machine with stretch stitch function and knits needle or Ball Point needle
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Following the manufacturers instructions, fuse the interlacing to the wrong side of the stretch jersey and cut the piece to a triangle measuring 34cm down the two sides.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Carefully cut a small scoop in the upper section – this is the part that will sit around baby’s neck, so this makes sure it is super comfy!
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Cut an identical triangle shape from the piece of stretch terry, ensuring that the same smooth curve is cut into the upper neckline of the bib.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy The bib is sewn together with the rights sides facing and then turned through to finish. Take a quick look at the stretch towel piece to identify the right and the wrong sides. The right side feature lots of very small, soft loops while the wrong side is made up of the distinctive V shapes of knit fabrics.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Place the two parts of the bib together with the right sides facing, and pin neatly in place to secure ready to stitch.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Select a stretch stitch on your machine – this setting slightly offsets the stitches as it works, this allows them to move freely with the stretch fabrics preventing them from snapping as the fabrics stretches. A ball point needle is the best option for sewing with jersey and knit fabrics with stretch, this needle has a specially designed tip that allows it to slip between the fibres of the knit fabric with out damaging them.
Work around the outer edge of the baby bib taking a 1cm seam allowance.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Along one of the straight edges, leave a small gap around 5cm wide to allow the bib to be turned through to the right side. Work a couple of back stitches at the start and end on the seam line to secure the stitches.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Once stitched, trim the tips from the corners of the bib. Removing this excess seam allowance will reduce the bulk and allow the points to be pushed out neatly and fully.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Through the small gap in the seam allowance, begin drawing the bib through to the right side – be careful not to damage or break the stitches at either side of the opening!
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Once drawn through to the right side, use a knitting needle to ease out the points of the corners to for the neat triangle. Press the bib to neaten and fold the seam allowance along the opening in the seam to the inside of the bib and pin in place.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Switch to a straight stitch setting and work a neat line of top stitching carefully around the outer edge of the bib, pivoting neatly on the corners. If you ensure that the line of top stitching is positioned within the seam allowance it will seam the gap through which the bib was turned through – alternative, you can slip stitch this gap closed prior to adding the top stitching.
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Apply the snap fasteners to the upper points of the bib – be careful to ensure that the corresponding parts are correctly aligned before affixing securely!
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Snap fasterners come in many different shapes styles and sizes – I prefer to use the fasteners that are secured on with the pressure from specifically designed pilers – it gives a super pro finish, although stitch on fasteners will work just as well!
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy Tah Dah! You’ll be amazed at how quick these super cute bandana bibs come together! And, I get a lot of compliments about these sewn in labels that I add to all my makes, I had these custom made with my own unique artwork, so curious minds will be pleased to know you can create your own at GB Name Tapes!
DIY Bandana Baby Bib Made Peachy

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Be sure to check out the new look Vlieseline website for full product lists, hints, tips, video tutorials and information on using interlinings and waddings in your makes!

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