DIY Button Covered Phone Case

DIY Button Covered Phone Case

DIY Button Covered Phone Case

August 29, 2013 | Crafts | No Comments

You got *that* Carly Rae Jepson song in your head now (sorry, I’m not sorry – it’s been in my head the whole time I made this case and wrote this post – you’re welcome!)

I am a little fickle when it comes to phone cases – I fall in love with them so quick and they are my new favourite thing for the next two weeks…then I want something new. It can be an expensive obsession that’s for sure.

There are so many cool cases that are basically created by gluing a whole heaps of ‘stuff’ to them, this isn’t a new concept, at all. But I decided that rather than shelling out for one, I’d make my own. Cut to me scanning the house looking for a collection of ‘stuff’ that I can stick to my phone case. Mhhh. What to chose? The possibilities are pretty much endless – or near enough.

What’s the one thing that I have in abundance? Yup. Buttons. My button jar runneth over, as they say. I may be one card of vintage buttons short of being classed as a hoarder. And, as I’m clearly never going to just throw them away, I  figured it’s high time to use these little pretty and get them out of the jar and into the real world!

Seriously, how about a super quick makeover for an old phone case with this DIY Button Covered Phone Case?
Buttoncase1I’m pretty certain that you can guess the supplies for this make, old phone case, hot glue gun with hot glue sticks and buttons – a shole shed load of buttons.
Buttoncase2Begin at the bottom of the case and apply a couple of healthy sized lines of hot glue. Work over the lines dripping the buttons in place and carefully pressing down. Hot glue can set faster than you might thing, so working in row at a time means that you’ll get the buttons spaces, placed and secured before the glue has set. Remember guys, the hot glue is hot, and its going to ooze out of those little holes on the buttons when you press them down, so make sure that your fingertips are well clear!
Butoncase3Mix and match a heaps of unusual buttons, sticking down in turn until the back of the cover is completed filled with pretty buttons. Try to select only flat buttons, not these with a little plastic shank on the back as these will be harder to secure. Don’t forget to leave a big enough gap around the hole in the case for the lense of your camera (if it has one) these buttons are cute sure, but you don’t what them showing in every single photograph you take for evermore!
Buttoncase4If you fancy (and, of course I do fancy) you can secure smaller buttons along the sides of the case too!

Buttoncasefinal1And, as you can tell, I super love my new button cover phone case!

Maybe you don’t have a button collection that requires some kind of intervention, then these awesome ready to use button mix jars are just the thing for creating a stylish colour co-ordinated button covered phone case!

From left to right:
Jar of  Winter Buttons £7.14
Jars of Stars £8.80
Jar of red white & Blue £7.14
These are just some of the many different button mixes at Abakhan, what’s your favourite colour combo?

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