DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art

DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art

DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art

April 2, 2014 | Style | 3 Comments

When you make stuff you spend an abnormal about of time looking at your hands.
I don’t have very elegant hands and I don’t have the time, cash-money or inclination to spend ages in a nail bar to get cool new looks. Besides, I seem to be pretty hard my little hands, so funding a regular manicure seems a little bit wasteful.

So, instead I often find myself dreaming of colourful nail art designs that I can do at home. As I am about to hit the road to head to the Creative Stitches Show, I thought I’d take a little Me Time and create some fun nail art for the event. So, if you fancy adding a fun, spring time mani to your look, here’s my step-by-step to the DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art!
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyI love the look of the crisp block of colour mixed in with the super cute mini dots. I guess you could mix this up and work with a couple of different colours, or only use as on an accent nail. But, either way, this is quick and easy to do with just a few handy supplies!
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Nail paint in your fave (of the moment) colour
Magic or Scotch Tape
Bobby pin (or, if you have the fancy nail art tools, be my best and use them instead, fancy pants!)
Something to use as a palette – an old cosmetics tin lid is pretty great!
Top coat

Use the Magic or Scotch tape to mask off the lower third of your nail – just like in the Duo Point Mani.
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyUse your fave shade nail paint to add the colour to just the tip, so that the top two thirds are painted. Leave to dry for a couple of moments and carefully peel away. This will leave a super crisp – wobble-free line – perfecto!
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyRemember that time I told you how I use a bobby pin as a nail art tool? Well, go right ahead and decant some of the nail paint to the palette, using the tip of the bobby pin to add three small dots below the line of the block of colour.

Because the tip of the bobby pin lets you make regular neat dots, you’ll find it pretty easy no matter whether your adding them to your left or your right hand.
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyOnce all the nail polish has dried – I mean fully dried, don’t rush this or you’ll end up smudging all those pretty neat dots – finish with a lush lacquer  of gloss. before you know it your manicure is finished, complete with super crisp colour blocks and itty bitty dots…Tah Dah!
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyIf ever there was a fun spring-time many – then this my friends is it! And, it is so quick and easy to create, I can’t to try out different colour combos!
DIY Colour Block & Dots Nail Art Made PeachyI can’t get enough of this gorgeous Barry M Nail Gelly Effects in Guava – what colour will you pick this spring?

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    April 2, 2014

    that looks so cute and springy! love the bobby pin trick for the dots, too.

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    Del Rosario Sarah

    May 11, 2014

    Lovely DIY nail art design. I love this color and the simple dot design, very neat, and easy to do.

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