DIY Doggie Cupcake & Cake Pops

February 21, 2014 | Eats | 2 Comments

I know, two posts in one day – but, today is Waffle’s first birthday and I just couldn’t let this moment go past uncelebrated. And, how does any girl celebrate her fur baby’s very important first birthday? With cakes of course!

I have spent the last week searching out doggie recipes – I’m talking foods that are safe for hounds to eat and make up into a cake that is going to look cute. So, armed with a list of pup safe foods, I’ve gone to work making up some doggie party treats – this recipe can be used to make Doggie Cupcakes or Doggie Cake Pops – don’t look at me like that, Waffle is a wonderdog and deserves the best birthday treats!
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
3 tablespoons of wholemeal flour
1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
1 heaped tablespoon of organic peanut butter
1 egg
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
Handful of kibble biscuits
1-4 tablespoons fresh water (or chicken stock)
Doggie choco treats – not regular chocolate folks!
Assortment of treats to decorate

A word to the wise…this recipe contains nuts (peanut butter), so if you have a nut allergy (like my husband) stay well away from these little treats, we don’t want any trips over to A&E!

This will make up to 6 cupcakes or 12 cake pops – or a combination of the two!

Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachyInto a mixing bowl measure out the flour, baking powder and peanut butter, egg and oil and begin to blend together. Add in the cold water (or chicken stock, if you’re using that) a spoonful at a time to loosen up the cake batter.
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachyOnce combined into a thick but still spoonable consistency, add in a handful off kibble biscuits and mix through.
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachySpoon into a muffin pan lined with paper cases (remember you’re gonna have to remove these before you feed these to your dog as I’ll bet my life on it that he’ll try to scoff the paper too!)
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachyOr, spoon out into a cake pop pan – I like to use a small spritz of cake release spray, just to make sure that these come away easily.
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachyBake in a pre-heated oven at 180C or (160C for fan assisted) for 20 minutes, checking regularly  – the smaller the cakes the quicker they cook! Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes before removing from the baking pans to transfer to a rack for cooling.

While the cakes are cooling it’s time to get busy with the decorating. In a bowl over hot water, to create a bain marie, melt a handful of doggie chocolate drops – this is going to be your dog safe icing!
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachySpread the melted doggie chocolate over the top of the cupcakes and decorate with a selection of doggie treats.
Dog-Safe Cupcake & Cakepop Recipe Made PeachyRoll the cake balls in the melted chocolate to coat them and allow to cool before pushing a doggie stick treat into the ball to make the cake pop!

Wait for these to fully cool before giving them to your pup…and remember, they are treats, so as much as he’d love to, don’t let him snaffle them all down at once, there is nothing worse than a cake-related tummy ache on your birthday!

Happy Birthday little Waffle, now let’s eat cake!