DIY Dotty Mani

DIY Dotty Mani

DIY Dotty Mani

February 24, 2014 | DIY, Style | 2 Comments

After a weekend of house chores of epic proportions I’m feeling pretty worn out, it’s amazing how much pushing a vacuum around can really wear you out! After being elbow deep in oven scrubbing and cleaning, it’s nice to feel a little bit girly again.

So, in an effort to feel a feminine and fun again, I decided to share this quick and easy tutorial for DIY Dotty Manicure!
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Your going to need a top & base coat – I like to use this Barry M All in One, it does a pretty rad job!
Your chosen nail colours – the more colours of nail polish you use the more colours of dots you’ll have…but, I don’t need to tell you that!
A bobby pin – of course, if you have proper nail art tools, that’s grand, but if not, a bobby pin is an awesome (and cheep) substitute!
You’ll need something to use a a palette to work from – I just a little lid from a cosmetics tin, but anything that has a wipe clean surface will be just as good.
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyShape your nails and apply the base coat and allow to dry fully.
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyBend the bobby pin to open it out – it doesn’t need to be perfectly straight, just straight enough to be able to hold it easily and use that little bobble of plastic on the end as the dotting tool. Once you’ve separated the two ends, pressing it down on the surface of a table will straighten it out enough to use.
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyDecant some of the nail colour onto the surface of the palette – using the brush to add a few large drops, you’ll need enough to be able to dip and coat the tip of the bobby pin, but not so much that the whole surface is covered and wasting your nail colour.
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyHolding the opened out bobby pin like a pencil, dip into the blob of nail colour to fully coat the little bobble of plastic on the end. Practice making little dots of colour onto the surface of the palette until you can make neat little dots. You’ll quickly find out how much polish you’ll need to cover the surface and how to make the little dabbing motions to get the little dots – the little bobble of the bobby pin will give you perfect uniform dots, every time!
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyOnce you’ve got your dotting technique down – getting just the right amount of polish and the right dabbing technique to create neat tiny dots of polish on the surface of the palette – begin to decorate your nails in turn. Work the dots in random patterns, making sure that they don’t touch or merge with each other. Allow the dots to dry for a few minutes before moving onto the next nail to avoid smudging the dots of polish.
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyIf you want to add in any additional colours, simple add another bob of nail colour onto the surface of the palette – you can practice making a few small dots to check you’ve got your groove with this new shade and that you like the colour combo and then add it to your nails in exactly the same way.
DIY Dotty Manicure Made PeachyI’m a huge fan of mix and match manis – so, I like to add in colour blocks and dots to get a fun look. Teaming super bright and old colours give a really strong statement look. Once the dots have fully dried, apply a generous top coat to finish the manicure to give it some staying power and lasting shine!

You can clean off the palette and the bobby pin using a wad of cotton wool and nail polish remover, so that you ca use it again for your next manicure – be sure that you remove any of your new mani by accident in the process though!

I’m crushing so hard on this turquoise and coral combo – way to make me feel like spring is on the way! What colour dots will you add to your next mani?

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    February 25, 2014

    that is so pretty and cute, and looks great for spring! I’m so over winter, so cheery nails like that just seem so perfect.

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