DIY Funfetti Mani Fuse Gelnamel

May 24, 2014 | Style | 2 Comments

Hello weekend! Or, should I say Hello Loooong Weekend! 

Bank Holiday Weekends are for hangs with friends, home renovation projects, and having some outdoor adventures – weather permitting, of course! As I’m not entirely sure what the weekend will hold in store for me, I figure the best way to be fully prepared for all eventualities is to get my mani on! I know, deal with the important matters first and foremost!

I’m a huge fan of gel manicures – it is just about the only nail colour that seems to be able to stand up to all the things that I busy myself on a daily basis, without getting all chipped and looking grim. But, sometimes you don’t want that kind of commitment from a nail colour – so, what about a gelnamel that works like a gel, but lasts for a full week? Yup – is like the universe is pandering to my fickle nail colour whims.  So, in honour of all the fun things that will be taking place this weekend, I shall be sporting this super cute and colourful, DIY Funfetti Mani!

Funfetti Mani 2Grab your supplies…
Fuse Gelnamel in as many shades as you like – three works for me!
A bobby pin
And even a sprinkle of glitter, a crisp white polish and a top coat – but that’s totally optional!

Funfetti Mani 3Y’all remember how I showed you how to make neat little dots with an opened out bobby pin? (That’s for us folks that don’t have fancy nail art tools!) Well, start out with your first colour and open out them bobby pin and start working little dots!
Funfetti Mani 4aDot little blobs of colour, applying a greater concentration at the top of the nail and getting increasingly sparse as you work down. Fuse Gelnamel is ace! You apply the colour to each nail, then cure it under the mini lamp – so when your doing fancy pants stuff like these little dots, it means that you can set each colour fully before moving onto the next one – neat, so no Smudgy McSudgersons here!

Funfetti Mani 5Once the dots are cured, go ahead and apply the second colour of dots – in exactly the same way – more at the tip of the nail and a small scattering at the lower part. Get them under the lamp and cured quick smart!
Funfetti Mani 6I’m guessing you have spotted (no pun intended!) the pattern here – yup, that’s right, dot, dot, dot with the third colour filling in the spaces at the nail tip and adding random dots lower down.
Funfetti Mani 7aWhen these are all cured they will be a fiesta of colour – and, thanks to the super-speedy light, they will be set, dried and cured in seconds…I actually mean that too!
Funfetti Mani 9Want to add a little pop to the proceedings, and why wouldn’t you? use tweezers to add in dots of glitter to the surface and secure with a clear top coat. Or, like I’ve done, add in a few bright white dots to really jazz up those hands!
Funfetti Mani 8Tah dah! one Funfetti Mani done and dusted (on both hands in under 15minutes!) – so that’s me pretty much mani’s up for the whole long weekend – no matter what we get up to!
Happy Saturday you guys!

♥ – ♥ – ♥

Funfetti Mani1This rad Fuse Gelnamel starter kit – complete with one nail colour – £35 c/o Sensationail – there are 12 awesome shades to choose from priced from £15!