DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display

June 2, 2015 | Crafts, DIY | 1 Comment

Digital photography is great, I don’t think that we’ve ever been able to take photographs and capture memories as easily as we can now – whether it is with our cameras or our phones. last week I shared a few neat ideas for getting those images out of the digital world and bringing them into the physical world to create stunning visual displays and personal artworks for your home. Y’all seem to really love these ideas and this post was sure a popular one, so I thought I’d bring you a fresh new idea to try! So, why not make your own DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display?
DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy Perfect for those who live in small spaces, have run out of walls to hang art on, or just like their furniture to be that bit more interesting, this project converts a basic glass-topped table into a custom photo-gallery-come-picture-frame. Celebrate your family history by dusting off those old snapshots languishing in a shoebox somewhere and displaying them for all to see. The contents of the display can be easily changed and the photos remain protected from dust and scratches. Give the rest of the table a lick of paint to complete the look.

Grab your supplies…
Self-assembly glass-topped table
Paint for wood
Clear acrylic sheet 1⁄16 in. (1 mm) thick
Selection of photographs or copies
Photo mounts or low-tack double-sided tape
Marker pen
Metal rule, craft knife, and cutting mat

1 Assemble the table (without the glass) and give it a coat of paint all over, except for the grooves where the glass slides in. Leave to dry. Apply a second coat of paint if required and leave to dry.

2 Now remove one side of the table. Sand the grooves for the glass with sandpaper to remove any errant paint and to make them slightly larger.

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy 3 Lay the acrylic sheet out flat. Place the glass from the table on top of the acrylic, lining up two edges. Using a marker pen, draw around the remaining edges to copy the shape of the glass onto the acrylic.

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy 4 Set the glass to one side. Using a metal rule and craft knife on a cutting mat, cut along your marks to cut out the acrylic. Lay the acrylic over the glass to check that they are exactly the same size. If they are not, re-mark and re-cut. Set the acrylic aside.

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy 5 Start to arrange the photos around the edge of the glass, lining the straight edges up with the straight edges of the glass, but leaving a border of roughly 1⁄8 in. (3 mm) all the way around (which will help the glass fit in later). Leave a larger border if you want a frame of clear glass to be visible around your photo collection. Then fill in the center with photos until the whole area is covered. Take a digital photo for reference, if required.

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy 6 Working from one corner to another, lift off one photo, apply photo mounts or low-tack double-sided tape to the back, and stick the photograph back down on the glass. Use extra mounts for old photos that have curled edges.

7 Remove the protective film from one side of the acrylic sheet (if present) and place that side down over the photographs, keeping the area free from dust. Peel back the protective film from the other side by about 3⁄4 in. (2 cm) all the way around.

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy 8 Holding the acrylic and the glass together in your hands, begin to feed it into the grooves of the table, photo side up. Slide it in all the way. (If there’s esistance, slide the acrylic in first and then the glass. If it still resists, sand the grooves a bit more.)

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy 9 Replace the last side of the table, making sure that the acrylic and glass fit inside the groove. Gently screw the section in place. Once the table is assembled, you can remove the remaining protective film from the acrylic to reveal your completed project.

Quick Tip!
This project uses an inexpensive self-assembly glass-topped table, which comes with glass and fixings included. For the acrylic sheet that covers the photos, use a dismantled a cheap picture frame and use the acrylic “glass.” Alternatively, you can buy acrylic sheets from craft stores and online.

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy Make it your own…
Replace the photographs with slides or other transparency-based prints and place a light source on the table shelf below for an impromptu lightbox display.

Select one favorite photograph for the center and use a decorative paper or film for a border.

Enlarge a single photograph to fill the entire top.

♥ – ♥ – ♥

DIY Glass Top Table Photo Display Made Peachy









This stunning home display idea is just one of many of the innovative and creative ideas featured in Photo Art: 35 Ways to use old and new photographs by Ellie Laycock, photography by James Gardiner, published by CICO Books 

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    June 5, 2015

    Wow, that looks so fantastic! And I love the sepia and black and white paired with the bright yellow table.

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