DIY Ice Cream Stationery Printables

DIY Ice Cream Stationery Printables

DIY Ice Cream Stationery Printables

August 1, 2013 | Crafts | No Comments

Isn’t it a great feeling when the postman delivers something that isn’t a bill or junk mail?

Sending little care packages in the post, filled with small treats and little tokens are a great way to bring a little sunshine to someone’s day. I find that making up the little packages is just about as much fun as receiving them – picking out a selection of unique items, collecting them together, adding a few tasty sweets, choosing a greeting card and wrapping it all up with a bow!

Gift wrapping is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’m that girl that looks for different ways to decorate and present gifts every time I’m wrapping. And, yes, we’re the household that has a carefully considered ‘wrapping theme’ come Christmas time!

I like the gifts I wrap to look adorable, to suit the occasion and most of all I want them to be as fun to look at as the gift inside. Of course, dashing out to the stationery store every time your struck with the prospect of preparing a package is going to be a costly exercise…this I know to be true from years of experience.

So, why not make your own fancy wrappings?

IceCream PrintablesThese Ice Cream printables are a great addition to your stationery stash. Save to your desktop for those hot-damn-we-forgot-to-send-a-card emergencies – because, let’s face it, that happens to the best of us.

These DIY Ice Cream Stationery Printables can be printed out on to paper or card, with any finish or colour you fancy – add a message, create a gift tag, a greeting card or a note card and put something lovey in the post today!

Download your FREE Ice Cream motif printables to make your own summertime stationery right away!

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