DIY Jolly Merry Garland

DIY Jolly Merry Garland

December 11, 2013 | Crafts | 2 Comments

I’m a big believer that Christmas decorations should be both jolly and merry – and this garland has jolly and merry written all over it! (Sorry, I actually couldn’t help myself!

Whatever style of Christmas decorations you like to adorn your home with, it’s always nice to make something quick and colourful to add a fresh twist to your collection of trusty decorations, or something to add that little extra something for a festive party!

When I got my hands on a pack of Glitter Foam Sheets, £3.99 for a pack of 10 c/o BakerRoss I just knew that these would be perfect for some quick-make, hassle-free decorations!  While this is a bit thicker than card, it is very lightweight, so it’ just perfect for making fun word garlands! These sheets actually have a self-adhesive backing – giving them so much versatility for crafting options – I decided I didn’t need this extra sticky – but if you’re hanging this in the window, or somewhere a little draughty, this sticky surface will come in super handy! There is a rainbow of glittery colours to choose from, but I decided on a bright and bold pink and purple for my Jolly Merry Garland because, well, why not?
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Pick out two colours of glitter foam sheets
Natural twine
Marker pen
Hole punch
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyTrim the foam sheets into six even squares each – ok, so the words ‘Jolly’ and ‘Merry’ only have five letters each – but this leaves you with one space square in each colour, to fix any mistakes (which is always a god plan in my book!) or to add in any fancy motif that you fancy!
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyWorking on the front of of one glitter square at a time, mark out the position of the first letter. Be sure not to make any of the elements of the letter too thin and simplify the shapes of each, if you wish, to make cutting them easier.
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyUsing the scissors, neatly cut around the marker pen outline to create the letter. While the foam is much thicker than card, it is nice and soft and cutting it, even when snipping the shaping curves, is pretty easy!
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyRepeat until all the letters have been neatly cut out. I kept the lettering shapes super simplistic, and even left the ‘o’ as a solid shape – not only does this make the cutting a whole heap quicker, I love the way this lettering style looks! If you want to make your letters more precise, you might need to use a craft blade and cutting mat to be really precise.

I think you can guess where this is going now…
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyYup! You got it! Cut out the remaining letters from the other sheet of foam in exactly the same way. I like the fact that ‘jolly’ and ‘merry’ have the same number of letters,  I kinda like the easy balance it creates when it is hung up. But, this works just as well if you wanted to cut out the words ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings’-  in fact, you don’t even have to stick with a single colour of foam per word, you cam make a whole glittering rainbow if you want to get real fancy!
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyWith a hole punch, make two holes in each letter. Because the foam is pretty soft, you can do this with a standard desk hole punch, but I like to use a hand-held craft punch, I find it’s easier to position the holes evenly and (most importantly!) not too close to the top!
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyOnce all the letters have a couple of holes punched in each, snip a length of twine to the desired length – remember to add on a length at either end for tying- and begin threading the letters onto the cord. By passing the twine down through the first hole, then back up the second hole in the letter, the length of twine is on the back of the letter, which makes the most of all that sparkly glitter!
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyThread the letters of the second word onto a second length of twine, if you want one word to hang slightly lower than the other make sure that the length of twine is at least 20cm longer.
Side the letters across the twine to make use that they are central on the length and that they are all evenly spaced out and ready to hang!
Jolly Merry Garland Made PeachyAll that is left to do is hang on the wall and enjoy! My very favourite thing about this kind of garland is that it is totally customisable and you can many lots of different garland and spell out quotes from your fave wintertime movie or celebrate your Little’s first Christmas. They are so quick and easy to so, I’m quite tempted to make a whole heap more! What festive words will you make on your garland?

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    December 11, 2013

    Wow, that is so cute! But I’m totally blown away at the existence of foam glitter sheets… I haven’t seen these before! Next time I’m in a craft supply store, I’m totally going to check it out.

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