DIY Movember Moustache Necklace & Ring Set

DIY Movember Moustache Necklace & Ring Set

DIY Movember Moustache Necklace & Ring Set

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It’s Movember – that amazing time of year where guys like to grow a moustache to show support and raise awareness for prostate & testicular cancer and mental health. This is a global charity with a vision of having an ‘everlasting impact on the face of men’s health’, now that’s a charity that we can all get behind.

For the guys out there taking part in Movember13 you’ll most likely be sporting a rather dashing ‘tash by now, or will be well on the way to that. So, it got me to thinking, what about a little something for us ladies to make and wear to show our support for Movember? Let’s embrace Movember with a DIY Moustache Necklace…
Movember Made Peachy
Grab your supplies…

Sheet of black felt
10cm square of Vilene Decovil 1
Jewellery chain
Two jump rings
Jewellery pliers
Hole punch
Marker pen
Movember Made PeachyOn to the back (the suede-feel non-adhesive side) draw out a moustache shape. Carefully cut out neatly around the guide lines.
Movember Made PeachyPlace the moustache shape cut from the Decovil 1 onto the back of a small piece of black felt and using a medium heat iron, press in place to bond the two layers together. Once secured, use the scissors to trim around the shape to reveal a firm, black felt moustache motif.
Movember Made PeachyUse the hole punch to create two small holes into the upper sections of the moustache – try to keep them equally spaced and parallel as this will help the finished ‘tash hang neatly around your neck.
Movember Made PeachyUsing the tips of the jewellery pliers, twist open one of the jump rings and slide through the punched hole in the felt moustache. Feed one end go the jewellery chain onto the opened jump ring before twisting closed with the jewellery pliers to join the two together.
Movember Made PeachyRepeat to join the jump ring on to the second hole, to attach the other half of the chain to complete the necklace, making sure that there are no twists in the chain to complete the necklace.
Movember Made PeachyCute huh? Let’s go nuts and make a matching DIY Moustache Ring to complete this Movember set!
Movember Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Small piece of Vilene Decouvil 1 trimmed into a small moustache shape
Small piece of felt fused to the Decovil 1 and trimmed into a moustache shape
Ring blank
Strong glue – I love this Gutermann Creativ HT2 for serious bonding projects like this!
Movember Made PeachyApply a small blob of Gutermann Creativ HT2 glue onto the flat surface of the ring blank. Wait for a few moments, to allow the glue to go tacky before pressing the moustache motif in place. Make sure that the motif is centred and straight before setting aside to dry fully.
Movember Made PeachySo, ladies, go forth and wear your Movember Moustache jewellery set with pride, and why not make a donation to show your support for the cause too?

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Vilene Devcovil 1  – For stockist enquiries: 01453 883581
Gutermann Creativ HT2 Strong Glue – For stockist enquiries: 01453 883581

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