DIY Printed Nordic Forest Lampshade

DIY Printed Nordic Forest Lampshade

DIY Printed Nordic Forest Lampshade

May 9, 2014 | Crafts, DIY | 2 Comments

This lampshade design is inspired by the misty Scandinavian conifer forests of Norway and Sweden, where the trees gradually fade into the sky. I love the magical way the trees light up when it is turned on.

Fresh Prints 2Grab your supplies…
Safeprint foam sheets
Masking tape
Cutting mat
Craft knife
Metal ruler
Double-sided tape
Two Perspex blocks large enough to take 4 trees each
Flexible tape measure
Drum lampshade in chosen size and colour (a pale shade works best)
Sheet of A1 150gsm card
Beige, pink and brown printing inks
Palette knife
Glass plate
Damp cloth
Baren or rolling pin

Fresh Prints Step 1To prepare the printing blocks
Using the templates and following the instructions below, prepare two Perspex blocks with four trees on each. Copy the template onto white paper.  Using masking tape, stick the template to a similar size piece of foam. Then tape them both to your cutting mat to stop the Lazy Lino moving around, which makes it easier to cut fiddly bits.

Using the craft knife (and ruler if necessary), cut away the excess Lazy Lino. If your shape has curved sides, it’s easier to cut it away in sections than doing it all at once. Remove the tree from the excess Lazy Lino. Use a pencil to mark the tree with decorations. You don’t have to press hard to get an indentation.

Repeat these steps with the rest of the pieces that you need for your project.

Place strips of double-sided tape over the back of the tree.  It doesn’t have to be completely covered, but make sure all the important areas, including narrow parts, are taped. (If you are using a foam sheet with a sticky back, you can bypass this step.)

Remove the backing from the tape (or Lazy Lino) and place the tree onto a suitably sized Perspex block.

To prepare the card for the lampshade
Using the flexible tape measure, check the circumference and height of the lampshade. Cut out a rectangle of card to these dimensions but add 2cm all around. Lay the rectangle of card horizontally on a flat surface.

Fresh Prints Step 2To print on the lampshade
Mix up some beige ink on the glass plate and roll it out to a fine consistency.  Ink up the two tree blocks and wipe away any excess ink with a damp cloth.

Fresh Prints Step 3Begin printing at the top left of the card so the tips of the trees are about 5mm from the top. Print the first row of trees alternating the two blocks in a random pattern.

When this first row is finished, clean up the blocks with a damp cloth or cleaning wipe and pat dry.

Mix up the pink ink and roll out a thin layer. Ink up the blocks as before and print the next row of trees so they overlap the first by one third. Stagger the trees so that they sit in a different position to the first row. Again alternate the two blocks.

Clean up the blocks. Mix up the brown printing ink and print the final row as before. Allow to dry.

Fresh Prints Step 4Using a craft knife and metal ruler, neatly trim the rectangle, removing the excess card. Take a strip of double-sided tape and run it along the vertical join of the lampshade from top to bottom. When the ink is dry, turn the card over and run a strip of tape along the short side on the right-hand side.
Fresh Prints Step 5Remove the protective strip from the tape on the lampshade and the card. Place the shade in the middle of the card (making sure the trees are the right way up for your shade). Lift up the left-hand side of the card rolling it around the shade and fix the end to the tape on the shade.
Fresh Prints Step 6Roll the other side of the card around the shade, keeping the card tight to the lampshade. Fix it in place using the tape on the card.  Place the completed shade onto your chosen lampbase and switch on.
Fresh Prints 1

Love this Nordic Forest motif? Why not add it to another project and made a Nordic Forest Bag too?Fresh Prints 3The trees on this bag are the same ones as those used on the lampshade.  Instead of putting four trees on a Perspex block at one time, stick each one on an individual block.  The bag in these pictures uses seven of the different designs of tree.

Lay the bag out on a flat surface and tape it down.  Then mix up a light pink ink and print one tree randomly three or four times over the bag.  Next mix up a dark grey and repeat with the second tree.

Repeat with a light grey, an olive, a pale olive and a bright pink colour, building up little copses of trees over the bag.

Leave the bag to dry overnight.
Fresh Prints 4You know what? Why stop at lampshades and tote bags? This striking motif would look awesome on greeting cards, notebooks, gift wrap and, well, pretty much anything that will stay still long enough to be printed! What will you add this rad motif to?

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Fresh Prints CoverThis nordic printed lampshade is just one of the many creative DIY printing ideas form Christine Leech’s new book Fresh Prints, £12.99, Quadrille – be sure to pick up a copy for lots more ideas and inspiration!

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    May 9, 2014

    that looks SO cool!! what a great idea, and this looks like an amazing tutorial.

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