DIY Striped Stair Makeover

DIY Striped Stair Makeover

DIY Striped Stair Makeover

June 18, 2014 | DIY | 1 Comment

We’ve had a scrappy stairway. It’s been this way for the longest time. And, sometimes, you get sick of the ugly and you can’t resist the urge to paint it!

That my friends, is exactly what happened to our stairs recently. When we moved into our home the ill-fitting carpet on our staircase was not only ugly, but it made getting up and down a little perilous. So, ripping it out was one of the first things on the agenda. I’d been stalling on getting a replacement carpet fitted, mainly because I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to give them a flash of colour, wanted them to be more exciting than just a bland flight of stairs. I always thought that painting stairs would be super tricky, I guess that’s another reason why I have been dragging my heels on this little renovation task. But, it was surprising much easier than I thought!  So, I thought I’d share this mini DIY project, to prove that painting stairs is less hassle than you might think!

Stair Makeover 1We wanted to have a white gloss border running along either side of the steps, with a band of grey running up the centre of the treads, so we got busy with the gloss, painting all the outer panels. This is the neat part of painting strips on stairs – there is never a point when you can’t walk up the stairs – yes, you have to be kinda careful not to tree on the wet parts, but you effectively still have functioning stairs…kind of important when you have to carry on living your life around the DIY!

Once the two coats of gloss paint were fired and cured, it was time to get busy making the lines – it is so important to get these lines dead-on straight. The perspective of the staircase makes the strip look like it is decreasing in width as it runs up the stairs. A ruler, set square and tape measure are by far your best friends when trying to get these lines running central, parallel and equal the entire way up the stairs.
Stair Makeover 2Ordinarily we would grab for the masking tape when it comes to shielding off sections during painting jobs, but kind of project calls for the highest level of precision. So we opted for FrogTape – and not just because of the cute name. This tape promised to fully mask of areas when painting, preventing any paint bleeding from one section to the next – which is just what you need if you want sharp accurate stripes!
Stair Makeover 3The tape needs to be secured with a precise hand, pulling it taught without over stretching it along the entire length of the staircase. Of course, you don’t need a pair of handsome helpers to assist with this part, but it sure does help!
Stair Makeover 4Before you know it, the stairs are marked up ready for the stripes – and now it is time to make that commitment to the painting!
Stair Makeover 5As stairs are a high traffic area we wanted the paint to have longevity on the treads, so we selected Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint, in glorious Slate grey. Which goes on like a dream, and is dry to the touch in around six hours, and full cured – so you can walk on it – in 72 hours. Ok now that does sound like the stairway is going to be out of action for a fair while, but with the a bit of careful gymnastics, you can walk up the stairs stepping only on the already dried gloss sections. It’s not elegant, in the least, but it works.
Stair Makeover 6Three coats is the recommended coverage for high traffic areas, so over the course of a weekend, it is possible to paint, remove and replace the tape and repaint…and repeat.
Stair Makeover 7aThe FrogTape is recommended that it be removed promptly after the coat is applied to ensure the neat crisp line – and they aren’t wrong, pulling the tape in a smooth upwards motion is the best way to remove the tape without damaging the paint.  Once the coat is dry there is a neat, straight edge along with to reposition the next portion of FrogTape to repeat the process.
Stair Makeover 8bI love that you can actually paint over the tape without having to worry that it is bleeding onto the masked off area. It does make the things look super scrappy while your working, but it comes good, so have faith. Plus it means that you can just paint, paint, paint and get up some real speed with that paint brush!

Stair Makeover 9cThree coats later and Tah Dah! I’m in love with our new stair way. While there are still a billion more renovation projects that we need to be working on, this is one small step for renovations, one giant leap for home happiness – and it has refuelled and reenergised my passion for DIY! I can’t wait to get stuck into more projects!

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    June 18, 2014

    It looks great!! Love the idea of a freshening up. my stairs are carpeted, but I always dream of ripping up the carpet and painting them instead.

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