DIY Twined Tidies by Elyse Major from Tinkered Treasures

DIY Twined Tidies by Elyse Major from Tinkered Treasures

DIY Twined Tidies by Elyse Major from Tinkered Treasures

August 14, 2014 | Crafts | 3 Comments

Brighten and organise any room by spinning simple tin cans into shanty-chic caddies designed by Elyse Major from Tinkered Treasures. Wrap cans in baker’s twine in a plethora of summery shades, from sunset to citrus to salt water taffy, and further embellish with ribbon and  rosebuds. Make and group tidies in related shades to keep supplies cheerfully within reach.

DIY Twined Tidies 2Grab your supplies…
Striped baker’s twine
Short length of seam (bias) binding or ribbon
Rosebud appliqué or other embellishment
Small hammer
Paint or spray paint (optional)
Paintbrush (optional)
Craft glue

Prepare the cans by removing labels and washing them thoroughly. Allow the cans to dry completely both inside and out to avoid any rusting later, which would spoil your work. Carefully tap down any jagged edges at the open top of the can with a small hammer.

2 Paint the can using a craft paint meant for metal, latex paint, or spray paint. Apply as many coats of paint as desired, allowing the can to dry thoroughly between each coat. Painting the bottom and inside of the can is also optional.

p085-CB777_twined tidies_033 Dab a bit of glue onto a small section of the twine and, starting from either the top or the bottom, carefully wrap the twine around the can, holding the glued end in place with your thumb to secure. Keep wrapping the twine tightly round the can—occasionally you might need to push the forming bands closer together and even unwrap and re-wrap a bit until the pattern suits you.

p085-CB777_twined tidies_044 When you reach the other end of the can trim the twine and secure the end with another dab of glue. You can conceal the glue by rubbing it gently in the direction of the twine.

p085-CB777_twined tidies_055 Measure around the can and cut a length of seam (bias) binding or ribbon to fit; secure with craft glue. Add another dab of glue and stick on a rosebud appliqué or other embellishment.

p078-CB777_Twined Tidies_03

Quick Tip! 
To help wrap the cans evenly, set up a small barrier, such as a book, to hold the spool in place so that as you pull the twine it stays taut. Why not try this technique to add texture and colour to other barrel shaped objects, such as bottles and jars?

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This adorable rustic recycled project is just one of the 35 fabulous makes in Elyse Major‘s new book Seaside Tinkered Treasures – £12.99, CICO Books


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    August 14, 2014

    hi laura!

    thank you so much for being part of the seaside book tour! your review post and excerpt is lovely!

    happy tinkering and happy summer wishes


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    Mary Saunders

    August 14, 2014

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I love Tinkered Treasures and Elyse Major’s philosophy and creations…so simple yet captivating, inspiring, lovely pieces all.

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      September 2, 2014

      thank you, mary! you made my day!


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