DIY Whimsy Floral Crown

DIY Whimsy Floral Crown

DIY Whimsy Floral Crown

May 15, 2014 | Crafts, Style | No Comments

One sunshine afternoon and I’m all like, Helloooo Summer! 

I’m sure that we should have made some plans for the summer – other than to build a BBQ in the garden, but somehow we’ve not managed to get round to it just yet. I keep telling myself that there is still time to plan out a brilliant summertime adventure – please tell me that there is! So, while my working life is roaring along at an all-time epic pace, I catch myself daydreaming about the luscious warm days and glorious balmy evenings. I’m pretty sure that there will be more than a few summertime makes popping up over the next few months.

As festival season is right around the corner – and with the promise of some sunshine too, why not go all whimsy and make your own DIY Floral Crown?

Flower Crown 1Grab your supplies…
Foam flowers – these Blush Pink and White roses are from Hobbycraft
Medium gauge craft wire – try to hunt out something nice and pliable like this – you’ll need a length 2.5 times the circumference of your head.
Florist tape
Jewellery pliers

Flower Crown 2Start out with a the length of wire – the colour really doesn’t matter, its going to be all covered up anyways – and create a circle that sits neatly on the top of your head. Decide where you want the finished crown to sit and work from there – either right down over your forehead, or slightly smaller to perch on the top of your head. Twist the remaining length of wire around the circle and secure the ends by wrapping around a couple of times. Use the jewellery pilers to press any sharp or pointy ends of wire out of the way so they won’t prickle you when you wear it.
Flower Crown 3Florist tape is so freaking amazing – it is self-adhesive so you don’t need to worry about any extra glue to get all messy with! Place the end of the tape over the twisted join in the wire circle and wrap a couple of times to secure the end. Begin working around the wire circle of the crown wrapping neatly. try to hold the tape a a slight tension, this will help it to bond neatly to itself without any baggy sections. Continue wrapping, overlapping the tape slightly each time, until the whole crown is covered. Top fasten off, simple tear the tape and press the ends back on to itself to secure it – see, amazing, right?
Flower Crown 4Taking each flower in turn begin wrapping the wire stems around the wrapped crown to secure into place. Position the bloom against the crown, with the flower in the desired position, and wrap the stems tightly around the wire. Use the pliers to press in any sharp ends as you work.
Flower Crown 5Begin with the centre bloom and add each one in turn on alternate sides to create the design. Twist the stems of the flowers on the right towards the right-hand side and the stems of the flowers on the left to the left-hand side – this will help reduce any bulk and will make the crown more comfortable to wear. You can continue adding flowers the entire way round, or simply stop at a half-crown if you want a more subtle style (if subtle style can be used to describe a whimsy floral crown!). Add in accent colours, or mix up the shades of the blooms as you work.
Flower Crown FinishedTah Dah! One whimsy floral crown, ready for the summertime!

Now, where’s that sunshine?

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