Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani

Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani

Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani

March 22, 2014 | DIY, Style | 2 Comments

As I’ve been staying away from home this week, working at the Vilene Sewing Club at The Sewing for Pleasure Show at the NEC, staying in a hotel room (away from all the usual daily chores of home) leaves me with a lot more time on my hands in the evenings.

So, while I’ve been here – aside from eating a widely calorific dessert every night – I have been catching up on some reading and trying out new nail art ideas.
I really love how this Duo Point motif has worked out and lots of folks at the show who have been sewing with me at the workshops wanted to know how to make the design at home – so, my friends, here how to create this Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani!
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Two colours of nail polish – I picked out a matte red and teamed it with a glittery gold shade.
Base & Top coat
Magic/Scotch Tape
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyApply the base coat to your nails and leave to dry fully – this is the most important part of this style of nail art, rushing and trying to add in the next layer of colour before the last is fully dry will ruin the finish.
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyCut a series of small strips of the Magic/Scotch tape -you will need two strips for each nail that you are going to add the pointed motif to. Woking with one strip at a time, position onto the nail so that the side of the tape runs diagonally across the nail from the outer edge towards the centre. Smooth down and apply the second strip from the other side in towards the centre.
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyThe two strips of Magic/Scotch tape will create a small V shaped guide for you to apply the nail colour. Apply the shade picked for your base colour. Be sure to brush on the nail polish evenly – you can always apply a second coat to this once it is dry before moving onto add the second pointed accent. It doesn’t matter if some of the nail polish goes onto the surface of the tape, as this will be peeled away later to reveal a neat, crisp edge!
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyAllow the colour to fully dry – I mean fully dry – rushing this is going to peal away the nail colour and you’ll probably have to remove the whole lot and start over!
Carefully, peel away each of the two strips of Magic/Scotch tape from each nail – and you’ll reveal a neat pointed shape of colour!
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyIf you want to add an accent colour to these pointed colour motifs – you can do this in exactly the same way. You can also reuse the tape strips, just turn them around to work on the nail polish free edge.  Position the tape strips across each nail in the same manner – ensuring that the new pointed shape in the centre will be slightly smaller than the first one.

Apply an even coat of colour to the nail, you can add a second coat of colour once this one has fully dried if needed.
Easy Duo Point Nail Art Mani Made PeachyWhen the colour has fully dried, carefully peel off the strips of tape and dispose of them. You will reveal a neat double pointed design on each finger! Add a top coat over the design to finish the mani.
Now, how easy was that? Super striking designs, with a neat professional finish, and all completely DIY – just the way we like it!
I love the way that Magic/Scotch tape creates the perfect edge when trying out fancy nail art ideas – what shapes are you going to try out?

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