Easy Fabric Motif Statement Necklace

Easy Fabric Motif Statement Necklace

Easy Fabric Motif Statement Necklace

March 13, 2014 | Crafts | 3 Comments

Time is at a premium for me right now. I mean more so than usual. But, just because I have to keep my head down and get through a heap of deadlines and commissions doesn’t mean that I don’t want to treat myself to a quick little creative fix.

I love working from what’s in my stash, looking for things that can be teamed together to make a whole new project. You don’t have to rummage too far into my fabric haul to realise that I am a sucker for a bold statement print. I’m even know to keep the smallest off-cuts from larger makes just to keep hold of the pretty motifs. Armed with a few basic jewellery and stitching supplies you can make this Easy Fabric Motif Statement Necklace in an afternoon!
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceGrab your supplies…
Pick a piece of print cotton with a large motif
Small piece of felt
Small piece of Vilene fusible wadding
Fabric sheers
Jewellery chain
Jewellery fasteners
Jewellery pilers
Needle and thread
Small length of leather thong (optional)
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceUsing the fabric sheers cut out the one or two of the large printed motifs, trim roughly around the shape leaving a small border around the design. You can pick one large design, or a number of smaller motifs and layer them together to create your design, as I have done here.
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceThe necklace is created in layers, with the felt on the bottom, fusible fleece, then the print cotton on the top.
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceTime the three layers to match the cut out of the fabric motif and fuse the cotton and the wadding using a hot iron.
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceUsing a needle and thread, work around the design in small neat back stitches. Working around the outline of the motif give this necklace a slight volume that adds to the drama!
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceWith the jewellery pilers, ease apart one of the links in the centre of the chain to create two equal lengths of chain. Use the jewellery pilers to secure the jewellery fasteners onto one end of each of the lengths.
Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceWorking on the felt backed, wrong side, of the fabric motif, position the two chain ends to they sit at either end of the design. If you’re fabric motif is an unusual shape (like this one!) use a safety pin to hold in position so that you can try it on, this means that you can get the position of the chain just right before you secure it in place. Once you’re happy with the way that the necklace sits, use the needle and thread and work a few stitching into the two or three links on either side to secure in to place. Easy Fabric Motif Statement NecklaceI tied a small bow with the leather thong through a couple of link of the chain on one side because, well, what the heck! One fabric motif statement necklace dray to wear in no time!

Go take a look though your fabric stash, I bet you have something really pretty tucked away in there that will make a rad necklace!

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    Amanda White

    March 13, 2014

    I love the necklace on you, really wacky. Sort of a fabric Tatty Devine! I have never used that fusible stuff so was interested to read how simple it seemed.

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    March 13, 2014

    So cute and fun!! Love this idea.

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