Easy-Make Rubber Band Bracelet

Easy-Make Rubber Band Bracelet

Easy-Make Rubber Band Bracelet

June 12, 2014 | Crafts | 2 Comments

Rubber band bracelets are all big news right now, and rightly so! Anyone can make them, you can customise them into any colours you want and they are fun, fun, fun to make! This is great craft for the Littles with their nimble fingers, so I thought I’d share my how to guide for creating your own funky rubber band bracelets…and there’s the best part – you don’e even need a loom, just a couple of bits and bobs I’m sure you’ll have kicking about at home! This is the perfect craft for sunny afternoons, so let’s have a go and create some Easy-Make Rubber Band Bracelets! Rubber Braided Bracelet 1Grab your supplies…
A pack of mini rubber bands (for bracelet making)
2 Dolly pegs
Small crochet hook Rubber Braided Bracelet 2Set out your chosen colours. Sounds obsessive but it helps you to visualise the finished bracelet and you’ll find you can pick up some real speed if they are all set out right at hand! I’m working with two bands at a time, to create a thicker bracelet, but this also works with just one band, or three bands for super chunky! Rubber Braided Bracelet 3Start out with the first pair of bands, and twist into a figure eight and slide on to the top of the dolly pegs with the twisted section in the centre. Rubber Braided Bracelet 4Slide the foundation band down and add the next two pairs of coloured bands in your colour sequence. Rubber Braided Bracelet 5Using the crochet hook, Pick up the pair of bands on one side of the twist and bring it up and over the top of the peg. Rubber Braided Bracelet 6Unhook the bands and drop them in between the two pegs. You know what, if you have nimble little fingers you can always skip out on using a crochet hook – give it a try and see what feels best for you! Rubber Braided Bracelet 7Repeat to bring the second side of the same pair of bands up and over the top of the peg to sit in the centre. Rubber Braided Bracelet 8Add the next pair of bands in the colour sequence. Rubber Braided Bracelet 9Again using the crochet hook and working on the pair of bands lowest on the pegs, bring each side over the top of the peg and into the centre in turn. Rubber Braided Bracelet 10Once each side has been hooked over the pegs to the centre, add in the next pair of coloured bands. Rubber Braided Bracelet 11Yup! That’s it, keep on adding in bands and passing the lower pairs over the top of the peg each in turn. Rubber Braided Bracelet 13Pretty soon you’ll be flying through the bands and the length of woven rubber band bracelet will start to creep down the length of the pegs! You can measure as you go, so as soon as you have created a woven band to your required length, you’re ready to fasten off. Rubber Braided Bracelet 16When you have finished your required length or design, ending with the final pair in your chosen colour. Twist the final pair of bands into a figure eight and slide onto the top of the dolly pegs and use the hook to take the last bands over to the centre on each side, leaving with just the final band on the top of the pegs. Rubber Braided Bracelet 18Use the crochet hook to create a small knot with the two loops of the final band. Rubber Braided Bracelet Final 1Many rubber band bracelet kits come with a simple hook fastening, add this in to secure the ends of the bracelet, or fix on a fancy clasp, and your rubber band bracelet is ready to wear! Sweet and so simple! Rubber Braided Bracelet Final 3You’ll be able to get three or four bracelets from one pack of bands – but, if your working with fancy colour combos, you might want to grab a few spare packs to make sure you have all the shades you need! Rubber Braided Bracelet Final 4I’m pretty sure you can let your imagination run wild with this, create key chains and bag charms, or even necklaces and ankle bangles…I think I’m going to be using mine to carry my pup clicker, because let’s face it, puppy training should be just as cute as it possibly can be, right?!

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    June 12, 2014

    Ahh.. brilliant! My daughter has been after something like this and your pictures/descriptions are perfect!!

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