Fab Fabrics: Athena by Angela Walters

Fab Fabrics: Athena by Angela Walters

Fab Fabrics: Athena by Angela Walters

February 27, 2015 | Crafts, Style | 1 Comment

I get very excited when new fabrics make there way to me here at  PeachyHQ there is nothing more inspiring then a fresh selection of prints to really give your creative brain a shake up. I mean we’ve all been there, slap bang in the middle of a creative slump and then – whammo – new materials arrive and you are instantly filled with a whole new passion and more ideas for makes than there are hours in the day!

My creative slump has come in the form of wanting to create some new clothes for myself, but not finding the perfect fabrics to team with my fave new sewing patterns. That all changed when I got my hands on this oh-so-wearable collection by Angela Walters!

Athena by Angela Walters

Fab Fabrics: Athena by Angela Walters Made Peachy It’s as though Angela has asked me personally what are my favourite shades of the moment – navy, gold and cream and created a collection just for me! Taking inspiration from classic Greek architecture, these fabrics have a very grown up kind of pretty – the kind of fabrics that will make the dress that you can’t wait to be seen stepping out in!

I can’t see past turning these prints into frocks, tops and accessories to pack out my wardrobe ready for the new season – be sure to check out the check out the Athena LookBook for inspiration for garments by the plenty, quilts, cushions and more!
Athena Angela Walters 1These stunning print cottons retail at around £12.50 per metre – seek them out from your local stockist!

I’m crushing hard on these designs for garments and accessories – what are they inspiring you to make, quilts, cushions, frocks or something else?

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    February 27, 2015

    What a beautiful collection! I think I’d make some simple tops, like the Sorbetto, from each one to really show off the print 🙂

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