FAQQuestions, questions, questions!
Here are some of the things that I’ve been asked a whole heap of times, so you’ll be able to find out a little bit more about me and the world of Made Peachy!

I’ve got in a muddle when making one of the projects – can you help?
Don’t worry, all is not lost! We all get in a pickle at times, so if you’re getting in a knot with your knitting or your seams aren’t making sense, add a question to the comments on the relevant blog post or drop me an email and we’ll see if we can get you out of a crafty pickle! Sadly, due to my schedule, I simply can’t help out with every single craft related query – so if the project isn’t mine, I’d suggest contacting the source of the design or project as they will be best equipped to help out!

What do you do with all the things that you make for the blog?
I eat them, wear them, accessorise with them and just plain enjoy them! I make things that I love, things that I know will add that special something to my home or dinner table or wardrobe. Sometimes the projects are inspired by people I know or events in their lives, and these might find themselves as little treats and gifts.

I love a project on your blog, can I re-post it on to my blog?
I’d love to be a part of your blog, but I ask that you re-post the image of the completed project only and include the link to the original project posted on this blog. Please don’t post a complete blog post in its entirely – if you want to include some of the techniques or step-by-step elements do get in touch to gain consent.

I have a blog and I’m wondering if you do guest posts or if I could guest post on Made Peachy?
This is one of the most fun parts of the blogging community, so if you’re keen for me to post on your blog, then don’t be shy, just give me a shout! If you’re interested in providing a guest post on Made Peachy, get in touch outlining your ideas for a guest post submission along with a link to your blog and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Do you take suggestions for subjects or tutorials on the blog?
Well sure! If there’s a craft or project or technique that has been baffling you for a while leave a comment or send me an email, I will be able to let you know if this is something that is due to be featured or can even add it to the upcoming schedule.

Do you take commissions?
I’m always very flattered to be asked about creative commissions and love the opportunity to work on a special project, with ongoing commitments it can be tricky to undertake each and every one. While I am unable to guarantee being able to accept your commission, do send me an email to chat about your special handcrafted project.

Do you read blogs of those people that follow you?
I’m a reading fanatic, I can’t get enough of blogs and the wonderfully inspiring global community of bloggers, and I am always happy to find a new-to-me blogs to enjoy. So, if you’re a blogger be sure to leave a link in your comments on a blog post and I’ll be swing by and say hello!

How do I get my product/workshops/company promoted on your blog?
Whilst I am always interested in finding out more about your specific service or product the items that I promote are usually those that I use directly or are supplied by advertisers, however, it is best to drop me at contact@madepeachy. com to fill me in on the details and we can discuss further the opportunities for involvement with Made Peachy

How do I advertise on Made Peachy?
For more information about rates and advertising info please send your enquiries to contact@madepeachy.com

Where else can I find your work?
As well as running Made Peachy, I have a regular column in Sewing World magazine, create knitting and crochet designs for Artesano and guest post with projects over at The Sewing Directory  and Abakhan. I have also written two craft DIY books, The Sewing Manual & The DIY Wedding Manual (on sale Spring 2014!) – Check out the dedicated Book Shelf for details!

I want to write a sewing/knitting/crafting/cake baking book – who do I sent my manuscript to?
Woah there cowboy! You want to write a book – you got the ideas, you got the skills, you’ve even spent the time writing and making and getting all round book busy. But, there is one crucial thing that you must do before you being writing – find a publisher! I don’t want to be the one to stand in the way of your dream, but publishers are busy folks and they simply don’t have the time to read unsolicited manuscripts. So, rather than risk your hard work going un-noticed, research the publishers in your chosen sector and find out their process for the submission for new book ideas…before dedicating hours and hours penning your masterpiece!

Why has my comment been deleted?
Like so many other blogs, Made Peachy has a few house rules about the comments left on the site. Of course, I want to you join in the fun and be part of the Made Peachy world – remember your comments can be viewed by other visitors, so I would ask that you refrain from swearing or making inappropriate comments. Whilst I’m happy for you to include a link to you blog, I would request that you do not use the comments section as a forum for advertising a product or service and, sorry guys, but any comment that are not suitable will have to be removed. We are all friends here, so just remember to play nice!

Your question not answered here? Then check out the About Me to find out more about me or drop me a line with your specific question!