Getting Inky

Getting Inky

Getting Inky

December 13, 2014 | Crafts, Guest Post, Reads | No Comments

Happy Saturday Y’all!

Christmas is right around the corner and this weekend is dedicated to getting festive in the very best way. All the gifts are (thankfully & finally) bought so now is the time to sit back, relax and get wrapping. Today you’ll mostly find me sitting down surrounded by lashings of baker’s twine, brown paper and sticky tape – no doubt watching Christmas movies and eating clementines. Because, well JOLLY!

Before we get busy with our Neighbour-mas celebrations – aka mulled wine and lebkuchen – I’ll be spending some time writing out all out christmas cards and gift tags. I get that this might sound like a huge chore for so many folks – but for me, its the perfect opportunity to out the pens and inks and make pretty with hand lettering.

Ink Guest Post 2Now, my hand lettering is far from perfect, and part of me feels like I should hold off using it for real life things until it is, well, you know, perfect. But, hey, calligraphy can take an age to master and I might find that I never get to that stage where I feel like my lettering is truly perfect. So, I’ve decided, faults and all, now is the time to just go for it! After all, these gift tags and cards are destined for friends and family, and I’m sure that they will have a forgiving eye when it comes to wonky ascenders and wobbly descenders – right?! And, you never know, working on something that is ‘proper’ might be just what my brain needs to really pull out all the stops and elevate me from ‘practice’ mode!
Ink Guest Post 1This week I shared a few thoughts on modern calligraphy in an ink themed guest post for monthly crafters challenge blog – Le Challenge – be sure to go check it out!
Ink Guest Post 2Are you learning lettering or even a calligraphy master? What are your tips for breaking out of practice mode and getting those pro-style results?

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