Guest Post: DIY & Stress-Free Boho Weddings

Guest Post: DIY & Stress-Free Boho Weddings

Guest Post: DIY & Stress-Free Boho Weddings

March 19, 2014 | Events, Guest Post | 1 Comment

Friends! I have made it safely to Birmingham – which is going to be my home from home for the next few days while I’m at the Sewing For Pleasure show – which starts tomorrow!!

So, today I’ll spending a fair few hours decorating our space at The Vilene Sewing Club, setting out the sewing machines and getting all the last minute preparations taken care of. The car is full to bursting with boxes of supplies, projects, fabrics, buttons, goodie bags – you name it, I think I’ve probably got it!

For the last few days, I feel as though I have been working non-stop trying to get all the different elements for the workshops ready in time. Now, don’t get me wrong, having a job that means that you can legitimately spend your day making stuff is fantastic. But, you know what, sometimes when that is your job, you will be working all hours, often creating high volumes of this stuff, and all in time to meet a deadline. All in all it is hard not to find yourself with your shoulders raised up so high that they are touching your ears, that your surrounded by a thousand things in various stages of completion and feeling just about ready to sob.

Of course it gets like that sometimes, it wouldn’t be called ‘work’ if it was super easy it would be called ‘a walk in the park’ or ‘a piece of cake’ or something like that, right? But, staying sane, when your making and creating to deadlines is a bit tricky – trust me, there are a few folk that will sympathise with you when you’re wailing, “But, I just need to get all one billion squares cut/forty thousand buttons stitches on/12 million miles of bunting finished!”

When creating gets stressful I like to keep lists, lots of lists – having things noted down, so that you don’t need to feel as though you have to hold everything inside your overflowing brain is a huge relief. Plus, there is nothing quite as satisfying as being able to check things off the list – am I right?!

Getting ready for a large event, working on a large deadline, is quite a lot like preparing for a DIY Wedding. I mean, you are making lots of the same things over and over, you want everything to be your very best and you got to have it all done by a certain date – yup, it’s hard not to feel the pressure is on! If you are dreaming of a DIY wedding day, you might want to check out my Guest Post on preparing for a DIY Wedding  – without the stress – over on Boho Weddings!
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made Peachy

And, if any of you other friends are on a deadline this week, have a project to finish up, or have a To Do List fit to bursting, I wish you the best of luck – get some coffee, get some fresh air and get stuck in! You can do this! (team talk over!)

If you need me, I’ll be giving my guns a bit of a workout, unloading the car and getting the Sewing Club all beautiful, ready and set up!

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    March 19, 2014

    oh my gosh, that felt bouquet is stunning! I’ll be sure to check out the guest post.

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