Guest Post: How to Find a Vintage Dress Sewing Pattern

Guest Post: How to Find a Vintage Dress Sewing Pattern

Guest Post: How to Find a Vintage Dress Sewing Pattern

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Is there anything more beautiful than a vintage frock? How about a vintage frock made by your own fair hands?

Vintage sewing patterns are just as desirable, if not more so, than the ready-to-wear frocks themselves – so, how do you get your hands on one? Who better to share some wisdom on the hunt for a fabulous vintage dress sewing pattern than someone who is surrounded by stunning vintage pieces all day, every day?

Nick, is part of the passionate team at Mela Mela Vintage  who love pretty much all things vintage. Mela Mela has a huge stock (most of which is in storage) including fabulous original vintage dresses, handbags, accessories and are more than happy to help in your search for that special something. In today’s guest post, Nick shares his Top Tips for Finding a Fabulous Vintage Dress Sewing Pattern!

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With fashion trends constantly changing and the general public less interested in making their own clothing; it can be hard to find original vintage dress patterns. As the years go by the likelihood of finding classic patterns slowly diminishes; as they are destroyed or snapped-up by collectors.

Fear not though, as whether you want to make a dress which is unique or just completely love anything vintage; here are my Top Tips  on how to find those fabulous vintage dress patterns!

Look in vintage shops

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This may seem like the obvious place to shop for vintage patterns, but as patterns are usually sold in fabric shops, hunting around vintage shops is great as you may come across some rare vintage gems.  Try checking any posters or ask about upcoming events or if the shop owner knows of anywhere that sells vintage patterns. They will probably be the best ones to know. This also applies to charity shops although it will be harder, why not pop in every time you go past one!

Visit car boot sales
MelaMela Finding Vintage Sewing Patterns Made Peachy


Car boot sales are a great way of finding patterns which someone may have had and is trying to sell. You can also tell if a stall/stand has a vintage feel as other items for sell will be vintage. This is a great way to find patterns which may never normally have been found; as the older generation may have kept these patterns and not viewed them as vintage (or valuable), you just need to keep a look out for them. It’s a good idea to look out for what car boot sales are on in your area, as there may be a ‘classic’ car boot sale which would have more of what you are looking for rather than just a ‘junk’ car boot sale. Either way, the only way to find a good bargain is to root around.

Check out antique fairs 

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Antique fairs other than vintage shops & online shops, are one of the best places to find those fabulous vintage patterns. There is usually a large selection to choose from if you can handle the massive amounts of walking and rummaging. Antique fairs are usually an inexpensive way of acquiring patterns as most vendors will haggle and the vintage shops haven’t had a chance to add their mark-up yet. There are also a few websites which list the nearest Antique fair near you. Make sure you have a budget in mind of what you want to spend though!

Search online

MelaMela Finding Vintage Sewing Patterns Made PeachyImage MelaMela

Almost everything you could need or want is now accessible via the internet and that includes vintage patterns. There are quite a few online vintage shops which sell different patterns. A good tip is; if you find a store you like, why not sign up to their mailing list or email them asking to know when new ones come in? As well as online shops, there are many vintage fashion bloggers which have bought hundreds of patterns over the years and want to sell, so watch out for blog sales! You can find these patterns on ebay and Etsy too, although if you are looking for a particular pattern it’s best to search for the era or name of style which will give you exact websites. If you know the make this will help a lot.

Overall, the key to finding the patterns you want is searching as they aren’t readily available but you can guarantee once you find that pattern, you won’t be disappointed!

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Mela Mela Vintage is a local vintage clothing and jewellery store located on Teddington High Street, just a few minutes from Richmond & Kingston Upon Thames.

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