Guest Post Katie Gets Crafty with Pattern Drafting

Guest Post Katie Gets Crafty with Pattern Drafting

Guest Post Katie Gets Crafty with Pattern Drafting

August 5, 2014 | Guest Post | No Comments

Leaning new skills is always a top priority – today Katie from the wonderful craft blog, Katie Gets Crafty – shares her experiences taking a workshop in pattern drafting! So, without further ado – I shall hand you over to Katie!

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 If you follow my blog over at Katie Gets Crafty you will know I have been keen to start making my own clothes for some time. I haven’t had the confidence to attempt it myself so I decided to find a class. For the last month I have been going to a weekly sewing class at Rivers Meet. The classes are really relaxed with each person working on their own project.

Pic 1 Rivers MeetThis past Saturday I attended a specific class for making a made to measure skirt pattern. We followed the pattern for a tailored skirt from the book Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear’ by Winifred Aldrich

Pic 2 Rivers MeetFirst on the agenda was to take our measurements. We paired up for this, as it is hard to take your own measurements accurately. The waist measurement sat much higher than I would have expected. With the hip measurement we held the tape at the widest point and moved it up and down to ensure we could get the skirt on and off. In doing this my hip measurement become larger to allow for the skirt to fit over my thighs, making me a classic pear shape! Using 1cm gird paper and our measurements we created our own unique skirt template. This process required a lot of math’s and for me that meant getting out my calculator.
Pic 3 cutting outWith our paper patterns cut out it was time to make a toile. Before today I didn’t know what a toile was, but it is basically a test garment. The next step required us to place the pattern on the fabric following the pattern instructions. The front piece was to be placed on the fold of the fabric. Whilst for the back piece I had to measure from the selvedge to the grain line marking on the fabric, ensuring this was the same distance all the way along. If you’re not sure about this there are some fab YouTube tutorials. With the fabric cut out it was the moment of truth – to sew it all together and to see if it fits. At this point I was a little nervous, I really didn’t want to start all over again. To my surprise it fitted with only a few alterations needed. With the amendments made I was so thrilled to leave the class with a perfect skirt pattern unique to me!
PIc 4 - skirt frontThis pattern will allow me to create lots of different styles and designs with the knowledge that it will fit me.
pic 5 skirt sideI have taken away two key skills that I will apply to all of my craft projects.

1 Patience Spend time measuring and cutting accurately. I am guilty of wanting to rush this process to start playing on my machine!

2 Precision The importance of placing a pattern on the fabric correctly by following the instructions and the grain line should not be underestimated.

I would never have made this progress on my own at home. So, for any budding dressmaker I urge you to sign up to a local class. As well as learning valuable skills I got to hang out with lovely people and eat cake! What more could a girl want to do on a sunny Saturday?

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Keep up-to0-date with Katie’s creative journey over on her blog Or, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Have you taken a class or workshop recently that really inspired you or shared some amazing new techniques? Leave a comment and share the details – we’d love to hear about them!

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