Guest Post: Rebecca Vorperian – Girl With Beads

Guest Post: Rebecca Vorperian – Girl With Beads

Guest Post: Rebecca Vorperian – Girl With Beads

June 26, 2014 | Guest Post | 1 Comment

It takes guts, hard work, and all-round enthusiasm, not to mention creative flair and skills, to run a creative business! Today, Rebecca Vorperian, the creative recycler behind Girl With Beads, is guest posting on the highs and lows of running a creative business!

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Rebecca GIrl With BeadsI have always enjoyed making things ever since I was a child and after choosing to go down a 3D Design route at University I became increasingly interested in sustainability and recycling. After leaving uni I continued to make bags from charity shop finds and began selling them at the newly opened Sunday Up Market at the Truman Brewery, East London. After years of juggling the market stall and a full time office job I took the plunge to run girlwithbeads full time. My ethos, as scribbled in the back of a university sketchbook, is ‘to make the ordinary beautiful, the ugly desirable and the unwanted wanted’. My design style is witty, British, recycled fashion.
Alice Bands I tend to carry a notebook around with me and jot down ideas and sketches when they come to me, but I am also inspired by the materials/clothes I find in charity shops, often buying things because I find them interesting without knowing exactly what I’m going to do with them and keep them in my stash until inspiration strikes!
Golf tee necklaceFor example I bought a bag of golf tees from a charity shop in Skipton a few years ago, because they were bright and colourful, and have only just transformed them into fun jewellery.

© girlwithbeads pegboard stripy 1Being a one-woman business has its challenges and you need to learn book keeping, marketing and time management, as well actually making and designing your items. But it is great being my own boss. Give it a go! You can always start by working on your creative business part time, I always found it a great creative outlet when I had a boring office job, then when you are more sure of your product and market you can look to grow your business further.

Button broochPricing is tricky and makers are constantly undervaluing themselves, don’t be afraid to charge a high price if you can justify it with the workmanship thats gone into it. Remember that if a customer considers a price too low that might actually put them off as they are thinking “what’s wrong with it”. There are formulas you can use but a good guide is to look at what other similar products by successful makers on the market are priced at. A rough guide to pricing: Make sure you take into account all your material costs, time taken to make each item, plus add on your profit on top. Don’t expect to be designing and sewing 8 hours a day, its more likely you spend most of your time on marketing and admin!

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See more of Rebecca’s designs at  Girl With Beads

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    Rebecca Vorperian

    June 27, 2014

    Looks great, thanks for having me on your lovely blog Laura!

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