Handmade Fair – a happy times round-up!

Handmade Fair – a happy times round-up!

Handmade Fair – a happy times round-up!

September 22, 2014 | Events | 2 Comments

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be part of the glorious collective of craft makers, sellers, tutors, authors, designers and enthusiasts that made up the merry band of the exhibitors at the very first Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace. And, let me tell you what an amazing weekend I had!
Handmade fair  9As part of my work I get to travel around quite a bit, I am able to get involved in lots of different shows and events all over the UK and Ireland, which is a great highlight of my working calendar. Because I love these events so very much I always come home buzzing with ideas, declaring that this was the very best event I have ever been to. I come back with a sketchbook full to bursting with new ideas, a pack of new creative friends and, more often than not, a bundle of new and beautiful crafting supplies. I also come home exhausted, with a squeak for a voice and feet that are calling out for the cosiest slipper known to mankind. This event is no exception!

When something new launches there is always a huge amount of anticipation (and I guess pressure if you’re part of the team of folks that are actually making these things happen) there is excitement and there is also a little bit of mystery. The Handmade Fair certainly brought a whole new wave of excitement, with phenomenal ticket sales, impressive selection of creative celebrities and a workshop and education timetables that were simply not to be missed.
Handmade fair  5During the weekend itself we enjoyed glorious sunshine (although I know I’m not alone in having to drive through torrential rain to get there!) and the collections of bunting-draped marquees in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace felt like an enchanted festival. Vintage pantry complete with elegant cake stands packed with tasty treats, Lush Cosmetics mini fresh floral fascinator workshops, picnic benches sporting fresh flowers in jam jars, an alcoholic Ice Tea vendor…it really did feel as though all my favourite things were plucked right from the inside of my head and laid out for everyone to enjoy!

Handmade fair  3Although, I wasn’t free to attend any of the workshops (this is the downside for me having to work!) I did get to sneak past the tents and it was awesome to see such a mix of folks trying out something new, mastering a skill or having a giggle with their friends! And even though I didn’t get to take part (sob!) it was pretty cool to get a glimpse of a few of my idols  – like Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, Annie Sloan, Paul A Young, Tilly Walnes, Stuart Hilliard – in action!

Handmade fair  6The World Pomination Attempt was a real sight to behold – I’m proud to say that I dropped of my little contributions to the collection…I will confess that I did have to use my pom pom maker…well, I didn’t want to let the side down with a shabby example of yarn craft now would I?!
Handmade fair  7Scattered around the market tents were a collection of the most glorious food trucks I have ever seen – and for me, I know it is a good day when I get my hands on some freshly made Churros, complete with cinnamon-sugar dusting and rich melted chocolate dipping sauce.
Handmade Fair 11Churros selfie next to the World Pomination Attempt = my day was made!

During the event I was demonstrating the joys of the Sizzix Big Shot as an essential for any stitcher and crafter’s workroom for efficient cutting and preparation stages for your projects – it’s a pretty rad feeling to be able to (in a matter of just a few seconds – because that it literally all the time it takes to use the Big Shot!) show stitchers and crafters how picking out the right tools for the job can help them to make their creative projects a reality. As you most probably already know, I’m a huge fan of the Big Shot for working with patchwork and quilting projects, to get the previously time-consuming and labour intensive preparations of fabrics completed with the highest level of accuracy, allowing me to spend my time on the design, placement, piecing, construction and finishing of my makes – if you didn’t get the chance to come along and see my demonstrations be sure to check out this super easy bunting project – made using the Sizzix Big Shot!

What an amazing weekend – sadly I was both pretty busy on the stand and suffering from that tragic First World Problem of rubbish internet access during the event – so I wasn’t able to share any pic or tweets during the event, so hopefully this catch up will make up for that! Here’s looking forward to next years event and fingers are firmly crossed that I get to take part in that one too!

Did you head over to the Handmade Fair? What was your favourite part of the event?



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    September 22, 2014

    looks and sounds like it was an amazing time! CHurros are one of my favourite things to eat at festival, glad you got to have some!

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