Handmade Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Handmade Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Handmade Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

March 21, 2014 | Style | 2 Comments

Nothing is going to beat this High Five Mum Card, £3.75, RockTheCustard

You know that it’s Mother’s day this month, right? Sunday the 30 March to be precise. But, y’all knew that and are totally sorted with showing the love to the Mama’s out there, right? Well, whether you have this year’s mother’s day nailed or not, I thought I’d share some of my Etsy favourites in this Handmade Gift Guide for Mother’s Day!
Handmade Mother's Day Gift Guide Made Peachy1 Queen Mum Tote Bag  £10.57   HenhouseOriginals
 Wonderful Mother Art Print • £12.43 DallowayPlace
3 Mama Bear T-Shirt  £9.32 • TikiTee
4 The Silver Diva  £24.48 The Silver Diva
5 Personalised Silver Spoon Hot Chocolate £23 TheTicketKitchen
6 Painted Woden Vases  £27.95 set of threeShadeonShape
7 Chai & Vanilla Soap  £5.62 • SeventhTreeSoaps
8 Cherry Blossom Marshmallows  £4.95 • ZukrBoutique
9 Mum & Daughter Locket set  £26.11 BellaHopeLockets

I’m pretty sure there is something ion that merry lot that will be a great gift for the mama’s in your life!

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Want to see some more of my handmade favourties? Be sure to check out my new look Creative Clippings column in the April issue of Sewing World – on sale now!

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    March 22, 2014

    eep! thanks for the reminder. Mother’s Day in Canada and the US is in May, so the UK one (which my husband and I ave to remember because my mother in law lives there, not here). It always seems so early to me, and sneaks up every time.

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