A Handmade Secret Santa

A Handmade Secret Santa

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This year I’ll be celebrating my first Christmas since starting my own business – and let me tell you, the last six months have been a whole heap of fun (although, that’s probably a story for another time!) While I love that my day job is creative, exciting and different every day, I couldn’t help but think that I might feel as though I was missing out on the build up to Christmas that comes from a convention office-based day job.

So, when the wonderful EmmaBerry founder and host of the #CraftBlogClub suggested running a handmade Secret Santa I jumped at the chance to get involved. And, I’m so very glad that I did!

The whole concept of Secret Santa is right up my street, picking out a surprise present for someone – a person that you ordinarily wouldn’t buy for – and wrapping it up as an extra treat for them in the run up to the big day. It is often a bit of a challenge, you might not know the person very well, or you might be working with a small budget. This challenges to you be creative, to think hard about what you pick out for them, and to try to give them a happy surprise when they unwrap it.

The challenge behind the #CraftBlogClub was all of this and more! The gift was to be handmade – of course! I found making a little festive treat for someone is a whole heap of fun – trying to find out more about the things they like or their favourite crafts or styles. It is also the chance to really show off what you’re great at making.

Creating a gift that is so unique there is simply not another one like it. And, that is exactly what I discovered, to my utter delight, when I opened my wonderful Secret Santa gift!
CraftBlogClub Secret Santa Made PeachyUnwrapping a unique and incredible package of handmade goodies (and sweets, but they’ve all gone now!) is a sure fire way to get into the Christmas spirit! This beautiful tree decoration will make a lovely addition to our tree – not only this year, but for the Christmases to come…now, that memory making right there people!
CraftBlogClub Secret Santa Made PeachyOpening this one-of-a-kind artwork just took my breath away. I mean (and I’m trying to say this without bragging, honest!) how many folks will unwrap an original work of art this Christmas time? As a girl who’s never got ‘into her groove’ with drawing and painting, I am blown away by the talent and creativity that has gone into my gift. Wow! Just wow!

One of the things that I loved most about this Secret Santa was that it was the chance to be on the receiving end of a handmade package. As the person that is usually the giver of handmade gifts, it was amazing to experience the complete joy of wrapping a handmade gift – I kid you not, it makes you feel super special, I hope that this is how those receiving my handcrafted presents feel!

Now, there is only one thing left to do. And, that is to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to my Secret Santa Amanda Wright – wow, thank you, this is a real festive treasure!

♥ – ♥ – ♥

If you love handmade, adore creating and are more than a little bit addicted to Twitter – be sure to join in the fun Tuesdays 7-8pm GMT by following  #CraftBlogClub -See you there in the New Year!

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