Handmade Valentine Gift Guide

Handmade Valentine Gift Guide

Handmade Valentine Gift Guide

February 7, 2014 | Reads, Style | 3 Comments

If ever there is a perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day then my money is on the fact that it would include these Leather Heart Knee Leggings  £16.69 ShopFlattery

You know what, lovebirds? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – literally, we only have one more week before the Big Day!

Now, I don’t much go in for the standard issue dozen red roses and a box of supermarket chocs. I’m the kind of girl that prefers something with a little more thought, a little more wow – and by wow I don’t mean £££!. I’m talking about a quirky illustrated card, a homemade cake (my husband makes a mean Vicky Sponge!) and a spur of the moment adventure in the great outdoors.

So, this year, let’s not have another Hallmark holiday, let’s pick out something handmade or make something with our own fair hands to show our loved ones just how much we cherish them! I’ve been stalking out the best tokens of love over on Etsy, so check out my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
Handmade Valentine's Gift Guide Made Peachy
1 Reject Candy Hearts Card £1.89 theclassycat
2 You Auto-Complete Me Card £3 .78 Paperwheel
3 Letterpress Zombie Pick Up Line Card £3.15  fancyseeingyouhere
4 Hand Lettered You’re My Most Favourite Card £2.52  cbrannendesigns
ps if you’re gonna get you a vow tattoo this Valentine’s day, firstly be sure to think about that the whole way around, then check out this custom hand lettering tattoo design service from cbrannendesigns
5 Vintage Cupids Arrow Brooch  £12 TheRareStitchUK
6 EKG Cuff  £15.70  NeuronsNotIncluded
7 Husband T-Shirt £8.52  TeeShirts24
8 Anatomical Heart Sketch Book £6.28 CrimsonHollow
9 Dual Gloves £18.89 WarmPresents
10 Carpe Diem Two Finger Ring £23.87 • MerCuriosJewelry
11 Spooning Since Spoon £11.97 JessicaNDesigns
12 Love Ring 14ct Rose Gold  £12.60 GlitterBoxJewelry
Unique Heart Shapes Rock Valentine’s Message £6.15 MedBeachStones
14 Polaroid Locket Necklace £22.05 StrangelyYours  Plus order before V-Day and get FREE photo personalisation worth $5!

 Don’t you even try to tell me that little lot hasn’t made your heart sing out with joy! You may just as well admit it – you’re just as soppy as me, deep down.

While we’re on the subject of love and handmade, did you know that my new DIY Wedding Manual is on sale right now? (Sorry, I can’t resist the shout out!)
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made PeachyAnd, yes! That is a picture of me and my super cute husband on our wedding day, right there on the cover!

I thought you might like to take a little peek inside…it is jam-packed with lots of creative ideas for adding that unique touch to your Big Day…and, also might help you to keep the costs down too!
DIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made PeachyDIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made PeachyDIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made PeachyDIY Wedding Manual Laura Strutt Made PeachyWell, now I’m really and truly all full of love, if you’re planning on getting wed I’d be stoked if you’d check out The DIY Wedding Manual – be sure to visit the Book Shelf too! Already tied the knot? I’d love to hear your handmade wedding stories – leave a comment or, you’ve blogged about it, share the link!

Have a super Friday day lovebirds!













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    February 7, 2014

    oh wow, it looks so AMAZING!!!! congratulations, Laura!!

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    February 7, 2014

    Your book looks amazing. If only I had a wedding to organise!! I really like the little heart shaped stones, this year I am hoping to get a cushion made with some hearts on it for my husband.

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