Happy (Emergency) Valentine!

February 14, 2014 | Crafts, Events | No Comments

Knitted Tattoo Heart pattern by Annypurls

It’s the day of Love people! I know, I know, for a lot of folks it feel as though this is just another overly commercial holiday, forcing people into insane (and often super expensive) consumerism. I get that, I really do. Of course, we should show those that we love, that we love them the whole entire year round. I mean, why just wait for one day to share your affections with your nearest and dearest? But, let’s be honest, it is lovely to receive a card, a small token of love and something that is really and truly heartfelt!

Did you get any super sweet Valentine’s this year? Have you sent any? More to the point, did you not send any under the illusion that ‘we don’t do Valentine’s’ only to wake up to a shower of flowers, chocolates and cards? Well, my creative friends, all is not lost, I thought I’d share with you a selection of my favourite (and FREE) printable Valentines cards to get you out of a spot of bother! So, check out these Emergency Valentine’s Printables!
Emergency Valentine Printables Made Peachy

1 Love Always TheCraftMom
2 Love You PersnicketyPrints
3 Heart Fountain Valentines MrPrintables
4 Valentines GarlandWhiskerGraphics
5 Heart Pop LoveandLion
6 Love Arrow CraftyCupboard
7 Valentines Vouchers SugarandCharm
8 Typewrite Printable OneSheTwoShe
9 I Love Everything About You TriedandTrue
10 Valentine Fox BumbleNBirch

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day Lovebirds!