Hello April 2015: Quick Catch Up

Hello April 2015: Quick Catch Up

Hello April 2015: Quick Catch Up

April 1, 2015 | Events | 3 Comments

So, that was March then! It has been and gone a blur of busy over here! I have been travelling around the country hosting The 2015 Vilene Sewing Club Workshops, which has been a complete blast. But, the only thing about being on the road is that I feel as though I haven’t spent any time at home…which is probably because I have actually been away from home as much as I have been at home. April is certainly going to be a month for staying home…and working on another huge crochet deadline [Crochet fans – watch this space!]
Hello April 2015 Made Peachy To say that I am shattered is something of an understatement. But it is a very happy shattered, it has been great to get on the road and spend some time with some of my very favourite creative folks, it has also been brilliant to get busy with the workshops meeting new people and teaching some fun sewing skills.
Hello April Vilene Sewing Club 2015 Made Peachy The workshops were a huge hit again this year, with most days the places being booked up with in the first half hour of the shows opening! It is a shame that not everyone wanting to take part could get a spot on their chosen workshop, so starting this week I will be sharing the How To Guides to make the projects all the projects from the workshops – so whether you missed out, couldn’t come along or just fancy making a few more – be sure to stay tuned to get the guides for making your own Fabric Headband, Retro Bow Belt, Fabric Key Fob, Bandana Baby Bib and Quick-Make Lace Zip Purse!
Hello April Vilene Sewing Club 2015 Made Peachy The very best part of hosting these mini make workshops is watching people learn a new skill, seeing their confidence building and watching them (especially those that turn up saying, “I’ve never used a sewing machine, so I’m sorry I wont be able to do this!”) walk away with their very own finished make – sometimes it is their first ever finished make. Now that is rad!

It is also brilliant to meet so many new people – and, as there has been a whole host of new readers over here, I thought I would take this opportunity for a little-to-know-you and share a few fun facts about myself!

Fact: I am a journalist and writer by trade, I have a BA (Hons) Degree in English & Creative Studies (for those interested, ‘Creative Studies’ covered theatre, creative writing, dance, photography and film making) and a Post Grad Dip in Journalism.  I have worked on a number of different UK craft magazines including Craft Business, Let’s Knit & Sew.

Fact: After graduating from university and being one of those that struggled to get that awesome first job, I headed off on a global backpacking adventure for two years. I still have to stop myself from starting every other sentence with, “When I was backpacking…” because, let’s face it, no one loves a backpacking bore…nor do they want to see any more than four photographs of that “rad beach at sunset!” ← steep learning curve right there!

Fact: The only UFOs (Unfinished Objects) in my workroom are makes for me – or as I like to call them Selfish Makes! These are project and makes that are not subject to a brief or a deadline, or as a gift for friends or family, and (sadly) always take a back seat to work makes. The oldest UFOs include a quilt that was started 18 months ago and a tapestry that I’m pretty sure has been untouched for at least three years! Shocking I know!

Fact: Alongside running this creative journal, I am a Creative Consultant for Vilene, craft demonstrator, workshop tutor, designer/maker for a number of online and print publications and the author of a number of craft books.

Fact: My favourite colour varies almost daily – but combinations of peach & navy, grey & yellow, and mustard & teal are what’s getting my pulse racing right now…and don’t even get me started on geometric prints!

Fact: I live in a sweet little home – which we are slowly but surely renovating – with my lovely (and endlessly supportive!) husband and our funny little Border Terrier mutt, Waffle. In the first year of running my own business I have learnt that renovating a home while using it as a base for a new work venture is super tricky. That you can train a puppy so sit on your lap for a cuddle while you’re working and he won’t try to chew your yarn, but he will always believe that any finished knitting, sewing or quilted project should become his new bed!

Fact: When I’m working on deadlines I love to listen to audiobooks, binge watch Nexflix and drink a gallon of tea – pretty much like all y’all, am I right?!

Fact: I love working on new ideas and projects for this journal and sharing them is one of my favourite aspects of my working life – it blows my mind that y’all stop by and read this journal, try the makes and recipes or check out the techniques tutorials. It makes me happy every day – so Thank You for taking the time to swing on by!

Now, over to you! Are you a new reader or have you been following this creative journal for a while? What’s your favourite thing to make or do? What do you most like reading on Made Peachy? Leave me a little comment, introduce yourself and share some fun facts all about you too!


♥ – ♥ – ♥

Hello April 2015 Made Peachy Many thanks to all the companies that supported The Vilene Sewing Club workshops with materials and supplies –


Art Gallery Fabrics

My Fabrics


Berisfords Ribbons

Be sure to check out the upcoming How-To Guides for the step-by-step projects and a full listing of all the materials and supplies used in each one!

Photography: Charles Budd

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    Maureen Head

    April 1, 2015

    Hi Laura, I’ve Been following you from the start. I crochet quilt and embroider.
    You kindly donated some materials to our craft group when we had a flood .we are still happily making and raising funds . saw you at excellent on Sunday but you were busy teaching so didn’t like to disturb you. Glad all working out for you.

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    April 1, 2015

    whew, you were so busy! I was wondering what you were up to, then remembered all the dates you posted for spring events. I’ve been following your blog a little while now- can’t remember how long, exactly. But I always enjoy it immensely! I like the positive, happy vibe that comes through you and your work. 🙂

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    April 4, 2015

    Hi Laura, I was lucky enough to make the lace zip purse with you at excell. Liking those zips! I like to have a go at allsorts of crafts, I’m very fickle ;). My latest challenge to myself is to sew myself a wearable garment, my previous attempts haven’t been succesful (especially putting in zips)but I am determined.

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