Hexi-Patchwork Fabric Coasters

Hexi-Patchwork Fabric Coasters

Hexi-Patchwork Fabric Coasters

January 7, 2014 | Crafts | 2 Comments

Fabric coasters are one of my favourite, quick and easy makes. Right now I have a huge crush on mini hexis so I thought I’d give mini Hexi-Patchwork Fabric Coasters a try!

I adore these little hexi patchwork coasters – they have a traditional and timeless feel yet, when you pick out a collection of rad contemporary prints they look totally modern and delicious. Yes! Delicious coasters! Even better, because the coasters are made from tiny wee hexi patches a little fabric goes a very long way!
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Selection of three different print cottons
Needle and contrasting and coordinating sewing cottons
Sheet of felt
Vilene Quickscreen Triangle – or scrap paper
Scissors – paper & fabric

Quickscreen Triangle is pretty rad – it’s a great interlining that is marked with a triangular grid that is just perfect for trimming down into hexagons to use for hexagon patchwork – if you’re new to Quickscreen Triangle, check out this step-by-step tutorial! For this project I simply cut along the lines to make the smallest hexagons from the grid.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyIf you’re using scrap paper to make your hexagons, trim the paper into two hexagon templates. A larger one, measuring 4.5cm across and a smaller one measuring 3.5cm across.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyUsing the small hexagon template cut out seven small paper shapes – alternatively, if you’re using Quickscreen Triangle, cut out seven small hexagons following the lines marked out on the printed grid. Use the larger hexagon template to cut out three hexagons from two of the print cottons and one from the third – there will be seven fabric hexagons in total.Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyWith the wrong side of the fabric hexagon uppermost, place one of the small paper hexagons – or Quickscreen Triangle hexagons – into the centre. There will be a small border of fabric on each of the sides. Neatly press the fabric around the template and hold in place with tacking stitches worked in a contrasting colour thread.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyRepeat until each of the fabric hexagons has been folded and stitched. Lay out the hexagons in to the desired position, alternating between the repeated prints around the edge and placing the accent print into the centre. The hexagons will neatly fit together to create a pretty bloom shape.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made Peachy
Pick up the centre accent hexagon and one of the pieces that joins to it. Place the two pieces with right sides together, carefully aligning the corners and straight edges. With the needle threaded with the coordinated sewing cotton, secure the thread at one side and begin to join the two pieces together using neat whip stitch.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyWorking around the bloom, pick up join in the next hexagon to the centre hexagon using whip stitch. Continue until all six of the outer hexagons have been secured to the accent shape. The working on one pair at a time, hold the outer hexagons with right sides together to join the remaining seams and complete the bloom.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyIf you are using paper inside the hexagon shapes, carefully remove it from patchwork – if you’re using Vilene Quickscreen Triangle, just go ahead and leave it where it is…that’s the beauty of it!
Trim a piece of Bondaweb to the same shape at the completed hexagon bloom. Remove the backing paper from the Bondaweb and sandwich between the patchwork and the piece of felt. Following the manufacturer’s instructions bond together using a hot iron.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made Peachy
With fabric scissors, work around the outer edge of the hexi coaster trimming away the excess felt. With the needle and coordinating thread, work around the edge of the coaster with small blanket stitches to secure the edges, before removing the tacking stitches with a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper.
Hexi Patchwork Fabric Coaster Made PeachyNow, how about that? Cute coasters that you can make in an afternoon, and chances are, you probably have enough of the fabrics in your stash already!

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Print cottons from Art Gallery Fabrics
Vilene Quickscreen Triangle – for stockist enquiries email crafts@stockistenquiries.co.uk

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    February 5, 2014

    I love, love, love hexies. I have been sewing hexies for about 2 years now and my absolute favourite thing to make the the Knitting Bag pattern from the book Sew by Cath Kidston, I have made about 7 of them now for friends as presents.

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